FIFA 21 Delayed - Will EA push back Release Date?

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Football is back on the menu, but that does not mean that everything is back to normal.

With next season likely to start later, what impact will the current climate have on FIFA 21?

Latest News - EA Play Delayed

Given the state of affairs in the US, and around the world for that matter, plenty of gaming announcements have been put on hold.

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PUSHED BACK - Our first look at FIFA 21 looks to have been delayed by a week

A Madden 21 reveal was cancelled, and now EA Play - where we tend to get a first look at the EA Sports titles for the year, has been delayed by a week.

This is still unlikely to have any influence on the overall release date of FIFA 21, however.

FIFA 21 Release Date

Although not confirmed, FIFA 21 is set to arrive on Friday, 25 September 2020 - with the final Friday in September the staple release date for FIFA games.

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That is now in jeopardy, especially if the next football season (usually starting in August) is pushed back.

Will FIFA 21 be delayed?

At the moment, no decision has been made.

Despite E3 being cancelled, EA is still committed to showcasing something at EA Play.

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FUTUREBOUND - As things stand, FIFA 21 will arrive at its expected time

Given the current crisis, this will be streamed solely online and should give us the first look at FIFA 21 and a host of other EA titles.

To find out more about EA Play 2020 head here.

FIFA 21 Confirmed

A recent report from EA has confirmed that the plan is still to release FIFA 21, seemingly as normal.

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ON COURSE - It's so far, so good for EA despite the Coronavirus outbreak

The report indicates FIFA 21 and Madden 21 will be released in Q2 FY21, which lines up with their usual Autumn 2020 release date.

Of course, this is not guaranteed, but it looks that EA's plans remain on course, at least for now.

What about Next Gen?

Any delay in Next Gen could cause EA to push back the release in FIFA 21, with cracks now starting to show.

It all looked rosy for Sony and PlayStation 5, first providing a meaningful update on the PS5 in a live stream, and soon followed that with the shock reveal of the PS5 Controller.

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FUTURISTIC - When will we be able to use this sleek controller on FIFA!?

It has since come to light that although the PS5 will not be delayed, there will be a limited output this year.

Despite no announcements on the Xbox Series X in recent weeks, EA could decide to hold off on Next Gen for FIFA 21.

What about other EA games?

With the high number of game delays from coronavirus, it's safe to assume there will be some pushback on other big EA releases stated for 2020.

This list likely includes Madden 21, which had its cover athlete revealed, but nothing on a release date.

It also appeared in the EA report and had 20 cover star Patrick Mahomes unveil a mini reveal as part of Inside Xbox on Xbox Series X!

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