EA Play Announced: Date, FIFA 21, Madden 21, NHL 21, NBA Live 21, Sims 5, PS5, Xbox Series X & more

After E3 was cancelled during Coronavirus' infancy, the question marks over EA's coming games have grown and grown.

Fortunately, the team at EA were always confident on providing their set just before E3 - known as EA play - as a virtual-only event.

This has now been confirmed, and we can now fantasize of the games coming later this year.

E3 Date Confirmed

EA will now be streamed on Thursday, 11 June 2020.

This will be at 7pm ET / 12am BST.

This is believed to both on the ea.com/eaplay site and EA's social channels.

The press release from EA read:

EA Play Live 2020 is about connecting players around the
world and bringing them closer to the game franchises they love.

During this year’s digital event, we’ll showcase our games through a live broadcast, community content, and more.

Potential Games

Of course, the speculation will now grow about what games we could see at EA Play.


The headline act, fans will eagerly be anticipating any announcements on FIFA 21.

FIFA 20 saw well-received changes to Career Mode and Ultimate Team, as well as the addition of the street-style Volta Football.

Madden 21

The crown jewel of US sport, Madden 20 took big steps forward in Ultimate Team as well as with the new Superstar KO game mode.

The community is still highly engaged while awaiting news on the upcoming Madden 21.

NHL 21

Despite having perhaps the smallest fanbase of the EA Sports titles, the NHL series rounds out the coverage perfectly.

It possesses a highly committed community, and will look to showcase its quality for NHL 21.

NBA Live 21

The NBA Live Series has not been seen since NBA Live 19, but it is believed that the franchise is returning.

With Next Gen consoles around the corner, will EA hold fire or press ahead with NBA Live 21.

Sims 5

EA has kept The Sims community entertained with seven years of expansion packs, but now it's time for a fresh instalment.

With improved graphics, online multiplayer and more customisation than ever, The Sims 5 is set to revolutionise the franchise.

Next Gen - PS5 & Xbox Series X

With an Xbox Series X reveal this week, get ready for Next Gen announcements to come thick and fast.

xbox series x 1
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COUNTDOWN - We can't wait for Series X's launch

Hopefully there will be some info on EA's games and how they will be released on Next Gen.

The sports games are set to arrive two months before "Holiday 2020", so we wait to see whether EA will hold off until the 22 series, or will release them in early 2021.

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