FIFA 20 Patch: Title Update #10 - Easier timed shooting, 71 Star Heads, now live on all platforms

Title Update #10 has arrived and it's fair to say it includes a substantial amount of changes.

The latest FIFA 20 patch was recently announced on FIFA Forums, in a post from EA community manager, EA GZaro.

Below, we list every change that’s been made as part of Title Update #10.


Title Update #10 has a ton of gameplay changes.

Made the following Gameplay changes

There have been changes across dribbling, shooting, goalkeeping and more.


  • Increased the responsiveness of dribbling, when not using any dribbling modifiers or skill moves, for players that have an average rating of 80 or higher between the Attributes of Dribbling, Agility, and Balance
  • Increased exit speed when Sprinting out of a Strafe Dribble for players that have an average rating of 80 or higher between the Attributes of Dribbling, Agility, and Balance
  • The effectiveness of this both dribbling improvements will scale based on the average rating with the least improvement being felt at 80 and the most improvement at 99

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  • Increased the effectiveness of easy shots taken inside of the box, from 45 feet/15 yards/13.7 meters and closer to the target
  • Shots taken from very small angles are slightly more likely to be on goal
  • Green Timed Shots are now less impacted by error
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SHARP SHOOTER: Close range shots are now easier to score


  • Increased speed of Goal Kick pass animations

Set Pieces

  • When transitioning into a Set Piece, players will have to apply their directional input after the transition in order to perform the Set Piece quickly
    • This change prevents accidentally triggering Set Pieces when holding the directional input

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  • Reduced the maximum amount of time a player can stand at the Kick Off from 30 seconds to 15 seconds

Addressed the following Gameplay issues:

  • A specific button combination was causing the Second Defender Switch Icon to disappear temporarily
  • Offside logic was detecting the wrong pass receiver in some situations

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Ultimate Team

No changes have been made to Ultimate Team, but a load of issues have been resolved.

Addressed the following Ultimate Team issues

The issues resolved were across a number of different FUT features.


  • The Squad Conflict SBC pop up was not considering all available squads for conflicts


  • The Transfer List tile was sometimes displaying incorrect numbers
  • On-pitch visuals were sometimes overlapping after a goal was scored in Squad Battles
  • Sometimes, Manager Items were listed as having 0% negotiations
  • Sometimes, Dynamic Images were disappearing temporarily
  • Updates to some front end visuals
  • Some Badge rewards were clipping through the background on the Season Progress screen
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CRYSTAL CLEAR: A load of visual changes should mean an optimised FUT experience

King of the Hill

  • In King Of The Hill, the UI was not always showing how much a goal was worth until a goal was scored.

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  • Sometimes, Manager Items were listed as having 0% negotiations
  • During FUT Club creation, the Loan Player Item appeared to be placed in the wrong position even if the player placed them in the correct one. This was a visual issue only
  • Concept Player Items in the active squad were not automatically replaced by an active Player Item obtained through the Transfer Market tab on the Squad Screen
  • The OTW Player Item design was cut off when displaying on the pitch following a goal being scored

Play a Friend

  • Addressed rare instances of freezing when attempting to Play A Friend and scrolling through the friend’s list

Career Mode

There have been a few changes and a few issues resolved as part of the Career Mode update.

Made the following Career Mode changes

  • Tuned Ultimate difficulty to provide a greater challenge
  • Added Squad Hub and Team Management links to Player Conversations
  • Adjusted color options for some Manager hairstyles

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Addressed the following Career Mode issues

  • Removed player form indicators from displaying in Career Mode and sometimes overlapping with other UI elements, the form indicators are applicable to Kick Off only
  • When editing goalkeepers in Player Career, they were not displayed as wearing a goalkeeper’s kit

VOLTA Football

There are two changes and one issue addressed for VOLTA.

Made the following VOLTA changes

  • Adept Training Drills now display head-to-head leaderboards
  • Removed the add/remove guest button callout when a second controller is not connected

Addressed the following VOLTA issues

  • Multiple “Syd” in-game avatars were sometimes appearing in VOLTA STORY

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On issue has been resolved in tournament play.

Addressed the following Tournaments issue

  • Some teams were not playing the appropriate amount of matches when playing with the MLS

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Visuals and Presentation

Finally, there have been a few Visual changes and issues resolved.

Made the following Visual changes

  • Added 71 Star Heads
  • Updates to multiple kits, balls, ad boards, badges, and 2D headshots
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FRESH FACED: These PSG players are part of the Star Head Update (left to right: Marquinhos, Di Maria, Neymar, Herrera)

Addressed the following Visual issues

  • Addressed instances of the in-game camera not smoothly transitioning during low trajectory passes
  • Addressed text misalignment when downloading a Squad Update
  • Celebrations were sometimes causing a temporary blank screen in Century Link Stadium

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