FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: How to get POTM Alexander-Arnold – SBCs, cost & full review

The English defender has won Player of the Month, but how good is his new boosted FUT card?

December saw Liverpool win five from five games, besting second place Leicester 4-0.

Alexander-Arnold was integral to the team’s success, contributing three assists and a goal over the month, as well as keeping three clean sheets.

As a result he has been named December’s Premier League Player of the Month and has been awarded a boosted FUT card.

Keep reading for his SBCs, estimated cost and full review of his card.

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POTM Alexander-Arnold’s SBCs


If you want to get your hands on Alexander-Arnold’s boosted card there are two SBCs you need to complete.

1. Exchange a squad featuring players from the Premier League

Estimated Cost: 90.5k PS4 / 94.15k Xbox One 

Minimum players from Premier League: One

Minimum In-Form players: One

Minimum squad rating: 85

Minimum team chemistry: 75

Additional Reward: One Rare Mixed Players Pack

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2. Exchange an 86 rated squad

Estimated Cost: 134.1k PS4 / 131.5k Xbox One 

Minimum In-Form players: One

Minimum squad rating: 86

Minimum team chemistry: 65

Additional Reward: One Rare Electrum Players Pack

POTM Alexander-Arnold Review

Wing backs are so crucial to he modern game – they are expected to attack as well as they defend and so they require a strong skill set combined with incredible stamina.

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Alexander-Arnold epitomises the modern full back in real life, but does his new POTM card fit the bill?


The most important physical stats for a right back are stamina and speed – POTM Trent’s 88 stamina and 86 sprint speed will allow you to bomb up the wing with him when attacking and still track back quickly in defence.

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His improved aggression rating of 78 will also make him more effective in any tussles with opposition players.


It’s fair to say that Alexander-Arnold is renowned for his ability to advance up the wing before delivering a good cross. Therefore, his POTM stats of 88 ball control and 81 dribbling are reflective of his talents and will allow you to weave between defenders as you advance up the right channel.

ENGLISH TALENT: Trent Alexander-Arnold is presented with the Premier League Player of the Month for November


Alexander-Arnold is known for having a wicked cross on him – EA have recognised this and given his POTM card a whopping 96 rated crossing, 90 curve and 90 long passing. Essentially, if it’s on, Trent will find the right ball.


Ironically, defending is an area that Alexander-Arnold needs to work on in real life if he wants to become the ultimate right back. You won’t have this issue with his POTM card as it possesses 90 rated standing tackle, 86 sliding tackle and 86 interceptions. This POTM card passes this section with flying colours.

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Alexander-Arnold isn’t isn’t a stranger to scoring goals, recently netting in Liverpool’s 4-0 win over Leicester. His POTM card posses 87 shot power, 83 positioning and 72 long shots – so if an opportunity does fall to him, having a pop wouldn’t be the worst idea.

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