*UPDATED* FIFA 21 PS4: Release, Price, Dual Entitlement, PS5 & more

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FIFA 21 is now out!

For PS4 thoroughbreds, this what you need to know about the game on you console. .

Latest News - FIFA 21 is out!

The moment you've all been waiting for, the full release of FIFA 21!

Head here to buy the game now, and check out our review here.

FIFA 21 Release Date

FIFA 21 launched on current-gen consoles on Friday, 9 October.

Those who pre-ordered the FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition or Champions Edition were able to play from Tuesday, 6 October.

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The EA Access (PS4, Xbox One) and Origin Access (PC) Play First Trial is available, giving you 10 hours.

FIFA 21 will be available for free on Next Gen consoles for those who have purchased on PS4 and Xbox One thanks to Dual Entitlement.

Official Reveal Trailer

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FIFA 21 Cover Star

Kylian Mbappe FIFA 21 cover star
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No surprises here - Kylian Mbappe is the FIFA 21 cover star.

Perhaps more interestingly, Mbappe graces all three cover of the game - the Standard, Champions and Ultimate Edition.

Check out all three covers here.

Get PS5 Upgrade free with PS4 purchase

If you're worried about paying for FIFA 21 twice on PS4 and then PS5, fear no more.

fifa 21 ps5 series x free upgrade deual entitlement
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Dual Entitlement - There's no need to buy twice on Next Gen

If you purchase FIFA 21 on PS4 before the release of FIFA 22, you will get 21 for free on PS5.

Not only that, but your data from FIFA Ultimate Team and Volta Football will be transferred over to Next Gen!

FIFA 21 PS4 Price

FIFA 21 costs £49.99 from Amazon or £59.99 from the PS Store.

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The Frostbite 3 engine, originally designed for Battlefield, and currently used on FIFA 20 has created some incredible graphics.

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The Next Gen consoles capabilities look set to take graphics to new heights, but graphics on the PS4 should still improve as they do each year.

Game Modes

Will EA build on the foundations they laid for Career Mode last year?

A revamped Career Mode delighted many fans last year, but they still want to see more as the interactive scenes became repetitive very quickly.

FIFA 20 Career Mode
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CUT! The cut scenes for transfer negotiations and press conferences were exciting, now they have become repetitive.

We have also seen some new features arriving to Ultimate Team.

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