FIFA 21 Beta: Gameplay, Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Cover Stars, Next Gen & more

Find out how to get an early preview of the next FIFA before the demo is released here.

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Every year, EA invites a number of FIFA fans to test out the new game and provide feedback in the Closed Beta.

This gives those chosen a first glimpse as to what FIFA 21 will look like, will you be one of the lucky few?

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What is the Closed Beta?

The Closed Beta is FIFA fans first chance to play the new game well before it is officially released, and before the demo too!

The game will still be in its testing phase and EA request players provide feedback on the game mode they play.

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A select group of FIFA players will be sent an email invite with a redemption code to access the Beta for a limited time.

When will the Beta begin?

The FIFA 21 Closed Beta is expected to begin on Friday 7 August, 2020.

The Beta usually runs for around two weeks, giving players enough time to experience the game mode selected.

How do I get an invite?

Play FIFA 20.

Players who rack up hours of playing time on certain game modes are likely to get an opportunity to test the Beta, so get playing!

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Make sure you have opted in to receive their emails too. To check, log in to your EA account and check your email preferences.

The Beta will only be available on PS4 and Xbox One, so tough luck for all the PC and Nintendo Switch players out there.

‘CLOSED’ BETA! Unfortunately the Beta will only be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

It will also arrive too early for the next gen consoles.


What game modes are available?

On last years Beta, players got to test out Volta Football for the first time, could we see another new game mode on the FIFA 21 Beta?

Fifa 20 Volta Football
BRAND NEW! Will we see another brand new feature on this years Beta?

The FIFA 20 Beta also allowed players to trial a revamped Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

As ever, Kick Off mode will be available, giving you the opportunity to find out which formations and tactics could work best on the new game.

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