FIFA 21 Review: Smooth attacking football and new levels of customization make for a hugely satisfying experience

FIFA 21 is due for full release this week, but EA Play members have had access to the game since the start of the month.

Check out what we think of the game below.

First Impressions

Loved it!

Without changing too much, EA appear to have made the gameplay smoother and evened out the imbalances we saw on FIFA 20.

Attacking build-up requires more care and precision, making scoring goals that much more satisfying.

Headed goals have returned too! Crossing is much more dangerous with forwards really attacking the ball.

As a whole, the new levels of control, detail and aesthetic of the game are excellent.


EA has made necessary adjustments to the gameplay this year and given the game a much more balanced feel.

Heading on FIFA 20 was almost impossible, but now your forwards make better runs in the box and attack the ball.

This is not to ay it is overpowered either, but there is definitely more chance of scoring from the wide areas than before!

Passing is another area where improvements have been made.

Controlling the ball is now crucial and you can dictate the play if you dominate the midfield.

Gone are the one-touch no-look passes that are unrealistic. Now your build-up play must be more patient and precise than ever before.

Game Modes

There are loads of way to enjoy FIFA 21 with a variety of game modes.

Ultimate Team

Undoubtedly the most popular game mode on FIFA, EA has added more to Ultimate Team this year!

With the improvements to the gameplay, FUT 21 is more enjoyable than before.

FUT Stadiums Home
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FORTRESS! Make your house a home with FUT Stadium

Not only that, there are new features to get stuck into as well.

FUT Stadium’s give you new levels of customization on the game mode. Make your stadium feel like home with your own themes and chants.

Team up with your mates for the first time on Ultimate Team and play FUT Co-op to earn rewards.

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NEW SIGNING! Gareth Bale will be involved in the Deadline Day promo

EA are adding more elements too, with a brand-new 'Deadline Day' promo coming soon!

Career Mode

It is a mixed bag when it comes to Career Mode.

There are some great new features. For example the new simulation options for matchday is excellent.

Quick sim remains the same, however you can watch the game unfold and jump in whenever you want in the sim match option.

Player morale, fitness and match sharpness are all things you must consider this season. This gives another element of realism to the game.

Player development is also massive! Being able to shape your squad and improve certain attributes is a brilliant addition to FIFA 21

fifa 21 career mode player development
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GROWTH! Player development is a massive new feature for Career Mode

The added level of transfer detail is great too, so there are definitely some positives to take!

However, player interaction is still very basic and the cut-scenes are too similar to FIFA 20.

In summary FIFA 21 Career Mode is a huge improvement but they can still do better.


Ultimate Team is not the only game mode that has loads of ways to customise your team.

Volta has brought in designers to produce new attire for your club, including Hector Bellerin!

fia 21 volta 1 1
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CHANGE LOCATIONS! There are five new locations in VOLTA

With Volta being EA's newest game mode, they have certainly put some time into it after it fell flat last year.

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With one eye on the Next Gen consoles, EA has made great strides with FIFA 21.

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EA could have focused on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but they have still improved the game from FIFA 20 considerably.

The adjustments to the gameplay make for a more balanced contest, particularly in aerial duels.

Added to that, there have been additions and improvements to game modes that required some love!

RealSport Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

We reviewed FIFA 21 on PS4 Slim.

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