Fans Unhappy with PlayStyle+ Bug in FC 24

FC 24 PlayStyle+ Bug

FC 24 PlayStyle+ Bug

Whilst content in FC 24 is doing great, with Path to Glory and Greats of the Game players in packs now, there is a certain displeasure amongst FC 24 players once more, with a new glitch being pointed out.

There have been several updates in FC 24, nullifying any bugs and glitches that have found their way into the game, however, since the latest Festival of Football Update, fans are starting to notice a problem when playing against a team with the same player in Ultimate Team.

PlayStyle+ Glitch in FC 24 Ultimate Team

Discussing in a forum on Reddit, there has been some cause for concern raised by many FC 24 players over a glitch on PlayStyles+ in Ultimate Team, with claims that when playing against a team with the same player in their squad, only the home team player has use of their PlayStyles+.

For example, if both teams contain Showdown Joselu, only the home team player will be able to activate Power Shot+, First Touch+, and Aerial+, which is a huge disadvantage for the away player.

FC 24 PlayStyles+ Glitch
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Showdown Joselu PlayStyles

With the popularity of some cards, this is an issue that needs to be fixed, as it is very common to play against an opponent with the same players in Ultimate Team!

One Reddit user, @ample4ths said: "Oh man I was sure I'm not pressing the button correctly somehow, or I was on the wrong foot or something. I noticed it on finesse shots mostly."

Many replies involve players realizing what they were missing this whole time, and players are confused about why their players weren't performing using their PlayStyles+. However, now that realization has sunk in, there are demands that this issue needs fixing urgently.

@ricolausvonmyra commented saying: "(This is) literally a game-breaking bug yet the community seems to be somewhat quiet about the issue."

EA is constantly releasing new cards that all players want to get their hands on, and even dropped a free Evolution ahead of both EURO 2024 and Copa America, which has seen many players use these cards in-game, meaning if this bug is not fixed, then 50% of players will be at a disadvantage when playing away from home in Ultimate Team!

Have you experienced this bug in FC 24 Ultimate Team? Let us know in the comments below.

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