WWE 2K24: Trading Blows mechanic explained

WWE 2K24 Hogan Andre the Giant

As we start to receive more information regarding the release of WWE 2K24, the hype begins to build further.

This year's release promises to build on the strong foundations set out by WWE 2K23 and we can't wait to see what the full game has in store.

With that in mind, we did manage to get our hands on the game before release, testing out a host of new features.

One such feature is the new Trading Blows mechanic, and we've got all the details covered below.

Trading Blows

2K Games is introducing a host of new gameplay features into WWE 2K24, with one of the headline additions being the new Trading Blows mechanic.

This new gameplay addition is designed to add an extra dimension to gameplay, offering yet another mini-game to diversify your experience.

Working in similar ways to submission and pinfall mechanics, the new trading blows system does exactly what it says on the tin.

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MECHANIC MASTERY - Getting to grips with this new gameplay addition will give you the upper-hand

Usually occurring near the start of the match - but also returning in a break in combat - the trading blows mini-game will instigate without any real prompt.

Two circles will appear on your screen, one for you and one for your opponent.

Taking it in turns, you will need to hold down X (Xbox) or Square (PlayStation) in order to fill the circle until you reach the highlighted area.

Upon reaching the highlighted area, you let go of the button and your superstar will land a blow.

Your opponent will then get a chance to answer back. This will occur until one player misses the highlighted area, or stamina depletes.

As further blows are traded, the highlighted area will get smaller and smaller, making it more difficult to perfect.

On occasion, an even smaller gold area will appear, which will result in an instant mini-game victory.

First impressions

As mentioned above, we got our hands on an early version of the game, enabling us to experience some of the new gameplay elements added.

The Trading Blows mechanic is a really solid addition to gameplay as it adds another layer of skill to matches.

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EXCITING TIMES - WWE 2K24 looks to be a strong addition to the franchise

Combat is now far more varied and the addition of mini-games like this only helps to develop the franchise.

A necessary addition that is tough to master, we think the Trading Blows mechanic will quickly become a key part of everyone's WWE 2K24 experience.

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