Rashid in Street Fighter 6: Release date, cost, outfits, more

Rashid in Street FIghter 6
Credit: Capcom

Rashid in Street FIghter 6
Credit: Capcom

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Street Fighter 6 has enjoyed massive success since it was released back on 2 June. Casual and hardcore fighting game fans praise the game for its accessibility and intriguing mechanics. Now, things are about to get crazier with Rashid coming to SF6.

The first DLC character, which got leaked alongside the rest of Season 1 of content, Rashid in Street Fighter 6, will bring new gimmicks and a tricky fighting style. He'll for sure trigger some sort of PTSD on Street Fighter V veterans who had to deal with his antics before.

With Rashid gameplay officially unveiled on 5 July, fans are now wondering when they'll be able to play Rashid, how much the character would cost, and for those into the fashion game of SF6, how many outfits he'll boast.

Rashid in Street Fighter 6 - Release date and cost

Rashid in Street Fighter 6
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Credit: Capcom
Rashid of the Turbulent Wind is here!

Rashid is coming to Street Fighter on 24 July, a day after the current Rashid Arrives! fighting pass ends.

To avoid any sort of confusion, you don't actually need to complete or even buy the fighting pass to get access to Rashid. It's themed around the character because you can earn some cosmetics similar to the outfits he wears and use those on your in-game avatar.

As for the cost, players who already purchased the SF6 Year 1 Character Pass ($29.99) will have access to him and all colours for outfit 1. Year 1 Ultimate Pass ($49.99) holders will also get outfits 2 and 3 and all their colour variants.

Players who wish to purchase Rashid individually will have to wait until Capcom confirms the price outside character passes. We can estimate it'll be in the $5 to $10 ballpark, but it's an educated guess at the moment.

Remember that you can try Rashid without spending money with the Rental Fighter tickets the game provides via fighting passes or completing challenges.

All Rashid costumes in Street Fighter 6

We know Street Fighter fans love a good outfit, and Rashid (like other DLC characters) is coming with two extra outfits, as per the Year 1 Ultimate Pass content.

So far, besides her default outfit, Capcom has only shown a second one, which pays tribute to Rashid's look in Street Fighter V.

Rashid outfits street fighter 6
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Credit: Capcom

Looks amazing right? We'll have more Rashid content in the future; in the meantime, why not check out news on the incredible Street Fighter 6 and Spy x Family collab?

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