Street Fighter 6 Rashid Arrives! Fighting Pass: All cosmetics

Rashid Street Fighter 6
Credit: Capcom

Rashid Street Fighter 6
Credit: Capcom

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It's been only a month since the game was released, and Capcom has released the second Street Fighter 6 fighting pass, titled Rashid Arrives!

Fighting passes in Street Fighter 6 are their way of tackling battle passes in games like Fortnite, except they aren't as long and filled with as much content. Instead, think of them as extra incentives for playing the game.

To avoid any confusion, the Rashid Arrives! fighting pass does not actually include Rashid, the first DLC character for Street Fighter 6 that's scheduled for release at some point during the summer.

With that said, let's look at everything you need to know about the Rashid Arrives! Street Fighter 6 fighting pass.

Release date and cost

The Rashid Arrives! fighting pass will be available starting on 4 July, ending in just a few weeks, on 23 July. Meaning you have three weeks to grind the contents of the pass.

The cost of the fighting pass is set at 250 fighter coins, or roughly $4.99.


Like the previous SF6 fighting pass, Early Summer Vibes, the Rashid Arrives! one will feature a plethora of cosmetics. These range from emotes, stickers, avatar gear, titles, photo borders, cellphone wallpapers, retro Capcom games for your collection, and even music tracks from previous Street Fighter games.

Rashid Arrives! Fighting pass
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Credit: Capcom
The Rashid Arrives! Fighting pass features plenty of Rashid-themed cosmetics

In total, this is what you can expect:

  • Four pieces of avatar gear resembling Rashid's costume in Street Fighter V
  • A photo border
  • Hyper Dyne Side Arms retro game
  • An emote
  • Three music tracks: Rashid's theme, Laura's theme, Necalli's theme, all from Street Fighter V
  • In-game titles
  • Rashid arrives phone wallpaper
  • Five stickers

The fighting pass only features 20 tiers of content, with both free and premium tracks.

There are ten extra tiers for premium users that reward fighter coins, which can be used to purchase further fighting passes or other content within the shop, like outfit colours or alternative costumes for all characters.

That's all you need to know about the Rashid Arrives! fighting pass. For more content, check out our classic controls guide in Street Fighter 6.

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