Street Fighter 6 and Spy x Family Crossover Announced

Street Fighter 6 x Spy x Family crossover
Credit: TOHO/Capcom

Street Fighter 6 x Spy x Family crossover
Credit: TOHO/Capcom

Fighting game and anime fans will be happy to hear that a new Street Fighter 6 and Spy x Family collaboration was announced at Anime Expo.

The collaboration comes as part of Wit Studio and CloverWorks' push to promote the upcoming film Spy x Family CODE: White, with Street Fighter 6 fans treated to great promotional artwork as a result.

It was actually TOHO Studios who revealed this out-of-the-blue collaboration during a panel at Anime Expo, the biggest convention for manga and anime lovers in the world.

The art, created by Chisato Mita, illustrator and graphic designer working at Capcom, depicts Yor Forger, one of the Spy x Family protagonists, ready to duke it out against Chun-Li, one of the most iconic characters in gaming and one of the most recognisable Street Fighter characters.

In the promotional art, other characters, including Anya, Loid, Bond from Spy x Family, and Li-Fen, Chun-Li's apprentice, can be seen enjoying the action.

Check the image down below.

Will Street Fighter 6 get Spy x Family cosmetics?

Chun-Li Street Fighter 6
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Credit: Capcom
Chun-Li wearing Yor's outfit?

What the collaboration entails for Street Fighter 6 fans remains to be seen. It can be a simple one-shot manga with a nice story in which both worlds crossover, but what can get fans really excited is seeing some Spy x Family cosmetics in the actual game.

A cool addition would be avatar cosmetics. Being able to deck out our personal characters in the way Loid or Yor dress would be outstanding. However, the real treat fans would expect are character outfits.

Would you imagine Chun-Li rocking Yor's assassin costume, or maybe JP donning Loid's refined suit? We could even have other characters make an appearance.

Sadly, we don't get any more details and it's all mere speculation, as soon as all the information regarding the Street Fighter 6 and Spy x Family crossover is revealed, we'll be sure to update you!

In the meantime, why not check out our guide for everything coming to the game with the Rashid Arrives! fighting pass.

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