Blind Street Fighter 6 Player Triumphs at Evo 2023

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Blind Street Fighter 6 Player
Credit: Evo

Evo 2023 just kicked off, and it's already given us some incredibly inspirational moments, like a blind Street Fighter 6 player coming out on top during one of his pools matches.

A Twitch streamer and lover of both fighting games and RPGs, BlindWarriorSven had to battle cancer at a very early age. While he did beat it, it came at a huge cost for him, losing his sight in the process.

This hasn't deterred Sven from enjoying gaming, one of his favourite pastimes, and at Evo 2023, he proved that not only he can still enjoy them as a hobby, but he's also a pretty strong E. Honda player!

Blind player wins match at Evo 2023

BlindWarriorSven started his journey on Winners Round 2 of his pool and faced EternalPancake as his debut match at Evo 2023. The match was played on stream, in front of thousands of viewers via Twitch, plus a few hundred looking to catch up on some pools action at the venue.

Initially, fans were shocked when they saw Sven play with a blindfold on. As it turns out, the amazing accessibility options in Street Fighter 6 allow him to play at a high level, and he showcased that by masterfully beating EternalPancake to move on in the bracket.

If you didn't know, some of the accessibility options in SF6 include proximity, counter hit, cross up, and more amazing sound queues to help people with disability time their attacks and know where they are on screen.

In one of the hype moments thus far, Sven confirmed a combo into a level 3 super, which set him up for success as the fans roared with excitement. Check the clip down below.

A big congrats to BlindWarriorSven for his amazing win at Evo 2023 and kudos to Capcom for creating so many accessibility tools in Street Fighter 6 that allow for moments like this to take place in the first place.

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