A.K.I. in Street Fighter 6: Release date, cost, outfits, more

A.K.I. SF6
Credit: Capcom

A.K.I. SF6
Credit: Capcom

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Street Fighter 6 fans have been eagerly waiting for an A.K.I. release date and Capcom has finally responded to their pleas by showcasing the shifty newcomer with a gameplay trailer.

We've known about A.K.I. since before the game came out due to massive leaks spoiling the entire of Season 1. Our first official in-game look at her, however, came during Evo 2023, when Capcom showed a cinematic that will serve as her introduction in the World Tour mode. Now, we caught our glimpse at how A.K.I. actually plays like.

If you want to learn more about her, stick around as we have plenty of information to break down regarding A.K.I. including her release date, some gameplay elements, and even a look at her alt costume.

A.K.I. in SF6 - Release date and cost

A.K.I. will be released as the second SF6 DLC of Season 1 following Rashid on 27 September.

As for the cost, players who already purchased the SF6 Year 1 Character Pass ($29.99) will have access to her and all colours for outfit 1. Year 1 Ultimate Pass ($49.99) holders will also get outfits 2 and 3 and all their colour variants.

Players who wish to purchase A.K.I individually can estimate that the price will remain in the $5 to $10 ballpark, similar to Rashid. Of course, the exact number may vary depending on your region.

Do note that you can try A.K.I. without spending money with the Rental Fighter tickets the game provides via fighting passes or completing challenges.

All A.K.I. costumes in Street Fighter 6

A.K.I. Street Fighter 6
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Credit: Capcom
A.K.I. has an amazing alternate costume!

While her main outfit emanates a threatening aura fitting for her, A.K.I. has an amazing alternate costume available for players who wish to acquire her. The predominant colour is red but the style reminds of us of classic black gothic attires.

We're sure a secondary colour option will make A.K.I. look like she's ready to rock at a My Chemical Romance concert!

A.K.I in SF6 gameplay

If you're familiar with Street Fighter V, it won't come as a surprise to hear that A.K.I. is a disciple of F.A.N.G, as many predicted when the leaked character design was out in the wild more than a year ago.

This reflects on her gameplay of course, with A.K.I. bringing back the poison mechanic from SFV. Essentially, certain moves will drain their health over time from her opponents.

New to her is an effect called Toxic Blossom, which triggers when A.K.I. hits a poisoned enemy, it's an explosion that opens up enemies for more damaging follow-ups and combos, incentivising aggresive gameplay.

Another essential key of her toolkit is Sinister Slide, a move that sees her literally slide like a snake on the ground, avoiding high attacks, which has three different follow-ups:

  • Venomous Fang: Leapis forward to poison enemies
  • Heel Strike: Starts combos on a successful hit
  • Entrapment: wraps her body around enemies to constrict them

And that's it! As you can see, A.K.I. is not your typical Street Fighter character and will be sure to make waves in the meta. If you want more content, check out our Rashid guide for how to play him in Street Fighter 6!

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