NBA 2K21 Ratings: Best Point Guards (PG) in MyLEAGUE - Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving & more

Point guards are your facilitators, and have their hands in every possession.

With that in mind, here are the best point guards according to NBA 2K21 ratings!

Best Point Guards (PG) in MyLEAGUE

Here we will be listing the best Point Guards in NBA 2K21 for MyLEAGUE, Exhibition Games, and Online Play.

We won't be taking into account injuries, age, or contract status - simply raw OVR.

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With that said, let's dive right in!

Stephen Curry - 95 OVR

Stephen Curry is a legend, and coming off an injury doesn't change that. But you won't have to wait for Curry's injuries in most game modes in NBA 2K21

Stephen Curry NBA 2K21
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LEGEND: Curry's impact in the NBA is nothing short of legendary

Curry's skillset is varied across fantastic shooting beyond the arc, great ball handling, and great passing.

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This shows in NBA 2K21 with his 99 Three-Point Shot, 98 Offensive Consistency, 97 Ball Handle, and 97 Pass IQ.

Damian Lillard - 95 OVR

The Current-Gen Standard Edition cover star has landed well in NBA 2K21, just barely missing out on the top spot.

nba 2k21 damian lillard cover 1
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WELL EARNED: Dame finally secured the cover spot that's eluded him throughout his career

You can always rely on Dame to nail a clutch shot, and produce on offense with scoring ability from any spot on the floor and lethal passing.

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Lillard brings this into NBA 2K21 with 98 Shot IQ, 98 Offensive Consistency, and 93 Mid-Range Shot.

Lillard was robbed in his NBA 2K21 rating for 3-Point Shot, which is a measly 88.

Kyrie Irving - 90 OVR

Irving is another injury story this year from the PG position. He creates a massive star duo in Brooklyn this year, which will be a big test of where his skills are.

Kyrie Irving NBA 2K21
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COMING SOON: Once healthy, the Brooklyn Nets will be a problem in the East

Irving is one of the most dangerous ball handlers in the league and routinely embarrasses defenders.

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This carries over to NBA 2K21, where Irving has 99 Ball Handle, 98 Offensive Consistency, and 96 Driving Layup.

Chris Paul - 88 OVR

Chris Paul's career resurgence with the Oklahoma City Thunder is something to behold.

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The veteran is surrounded with young potential, and has found his groove again leading the team to success.

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Paul still has it, and it shows in NBA 2K21 with 98 Mid-Range Shot, 96 Close Shot, 95 Pass Perception, and 95 Pass Accuracy.

Russell Westbrook - 88 OVR

Westbrook has the ability to lead a franchise, and he's found a dominant pairing with James Harden.

Russell Westbrook NBA 2K21
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BLAST OFF: The Rockets' backcourt is untouchable

Westbrook is a massive producer with tenacity on both sides of the ball.

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Westbrook enters NBA 2K21 with 98 Offensive Consistency, 96 Speed With Ball, 96 Speed, 95 Driving Layup, and 95 Hands.

The Best PGs in NBA 2K21

Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors
Damian Lillard
Portland Trail Blazers
Kyrie Irving
Brooklyn Nets
Chris Paul
Oklahoma City Thunder
Russell Westbrook
Houston Rockets
Trae Young
Atlanta Hawks
Ben Simmons
Philadelphia 76ers
Kyle Lowry
Toronto Raptors
Kemba Walker
Boston Celtics
De'Aaron Fox
Sacramento Kings
Jamal Murray
Denver Nuggets
Ja Morant
Memphis Grizzlies
D'Angelo Russell
Minnesota Timberwolves
Malcolm Brogdon
Indiana Pacers
Eric Bledsoe
Milwaukee Bucks
John Wall
Washington Wizards
Derrick Rose
Detroit Pistons
Lou Williams
Los Angeles Clippers
Dejounte Murray
San Antonio Spurs
Goran Dragic
Miami Heat
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