NBA 2K21 Game Modes: New Neighborhood?, MyTEAM, MyLEAGUE, MyCAREER, MyGM, Park, & more

NBA 2K21 is coming soon to the PS5 and Xbox Series X. But it will release for current-gen consoles a couple months earlier.

Let's look over all the game modes we're expecting in the newest NBA 2K release.


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AWAY FROM THE BRIGHT LIGHTS: Neighborhood can break up the standard NBA 2K experience

The Neighborhood game mode in the NBA 2K series may not be the most played, but it does have plenty of potential.

Rumors have gone both ways on whether the Neighborhood game mode will be included in NBA 2K21, and whether it would get a new look or stay relatively the same.

If NBA 2K21 doesn't include the Neighborhood, though, we do hope for some other way to take advantage of next-gen capabilities with a nice open world experience.


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PACK ATTACK- Players looking to enjoy the basketball world's premiere Ultimate Team style game mode, look no further than MyTEAM

MyTEAM is one of the most popular online game modes in the NBA 2K series as 2K's answer to the Ultimate Team craze. We can't imagine it not carrying over to NBA 2K21.

The mode has seen some bad additions in its time, including Out of Position sets which introduce players with opposite skillsets to their own. This includes Russell Westbrook at power forward, Spud Webb at center, and Dennis Rodman as a beyond the arc sniper at small forward.

If 2K Games wants to keep up immersion in the mode, and offer it as a "what if" for fans that want to combine teams of greats in realistic fashion, Out of Position packs will need to be axed for next gen.

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RINGS ON RINGS- Taking your favorite team to the top time and time again is always a blast, and MyLEAGUE delivers in more ways than one

MyLEAGUE is perhaps the most innovative and advanced management mode in any major sports franchise on console, and that likely won't change ahead of next gen.

Whether new innovations come, or old ones are optimized, MyLEAGUE is perhaps the most likely game mode to remain a hit with players.

At least once 2K Games fixes the duplicates glitch in its 2019 draft class.

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HUMBLE BEGINNINGS- MyCAREER starts long before you make it to the league, and in the end challenges you to contend with the greats

Many see MyCAREER as the game mode players have to start to get to leveling up their MyPLAYER for online play. But behind this mandatory game mode, there's the makings of an interesting story and system in NBA 2K20.

There are plenty of ways to improve MyCAREER for NBA 2K21 if it comes along to next gen. Things like better dialogue, more dialogue options, more voice options, more name options, and other simple fixes could go a long way.

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SWING AND A MISS- MyGM was a massive letdown in NBA 2K20, but some innovations could save the game mode

MyGM was an ambitious effort in NBA 2K20, but it came with too many major flaws to justify its positives. In an effort to bring immersion to running an NBA franchise, NBA 2K20 added relationship requirements and player/staff demands. If this mode is to make it to NBA 2K21, however, this will need to be executed much better.

The only way to retain staff and players in the mode is to spam "chit chat", which is a social option that initiates two loading screens and an awfully written dialogue every time, netting you a handful of relationship points per headache. Having to do this for every single member of your organization is beyond a chore, and the poor writing makes this even worse.

For NBA 2K21, if MyGM is to remain, we'll need to see better writing, better management of new mechanics, and the removal of the ranked/unranked dichotomy that is helping no one and annoying many.

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SHOWDOWN- The Park game mode is where scores are settled and egos are broken

Park is the classic 2K game mode where the weak get separated from the strong. Some of the best players head to the park to show out against competition of all levels, and to grind out games on different builds. 

We’ve seen plenty of cosmetic changes around the Park game mode, and these have mostly been hits, but not everything is perfect on the blacktop.

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Park has been a hub for cheaters for a long time, where players show off their different characters made without the restraints of the character builder. This means routinely seeing characters that are too tall to even fully see on camera, often filling the screen. 

For the premiere basketball franchise, the sheer amount of issues that come to display themselves in the Park need to be addressed before next gen, and definitely before anymore cosmetic additions.

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