PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure: How to win the new game mode - Update 1.18.0, Season 13 & more

Jungle Adventure is one of the newest game modes to hit PUBG Mobile.

Jungle Adventure went live in PUBG Mobile Update 1.18.0, just in time for players to enjoy it before Season 13.

With only four days left before Season 13 arrives, here's how to get the most out of your Jungle Adventure experience by winning the chicken dinner.

Guns to use in Jungle Adventure

PUBG Mobile Jungle Adventure Update 1.18.0 Season 13 guns
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HEAVY ARTILLERY: You'll need to bust out the big guns to win Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure plays differently than a normal PUBG Mobile match, and that means you'll need different hardware for the job.

Choosing which guns you take to the final zone is always a challenge. But making sure you adjust your choices for this new game mode is important. It can even mean a victory.

Jungle Adventure lends itself to long-range conflicts in open spaces thanks to the totem loot mechanic. Players are often forced to put themselves into vulnerable locations thanks to these totems. Players are also extra mobile, but extra obvious, thanks to the hot air balloons. That means picking off greedy opponents is easier than ever with long-range weapons.

The best guns for Jungle Adventure are the AWM, the M24, the M416, and the DP-28.

But while long-range fights will happen much more often in Jungle Adventure, make sure you have a short-ranged gun too. Regardless of the game mode, the final zone will always pit players against each other at close range. You can't always rely on your sniper rifle to get things done.

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Positioning to win

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LOOKING FOR TROUBLE: You'll find the most action around totems

Jungle Adventure makes positioning and vision more important than ever. That's because it heavily incentivizes players to be aggressive on the map and push locations out in the open.

Having eyes on nearby windows and the treeline when picking up loot from totems will be vital to your survival. Having eyes on nearby totems from cover will be just as important for your kill potential. And making sure you don't get surprised from the sky is equally important thanks to hot air balloons.

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This mode kicks building camping to the curb, which means you need to adjust your strategy accordingly. That means taking to the skies, rushing valuable totem locations, watching over totems, and keeping a watch on your surroundings. Whichever of these best fits your playstyle and loot setup.

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