Homestretch Choice Pack 3 Introduces Spectacular Cards to MLB The Show 24

MLB The Show 24 Homestretch Choice Pack 3 Cover

MLB The Show 24 Homestretch Choice Pack 3 Cover

The MLB The Show 24 Homestretch Choice Pack 3 is here and it introduced some fantastic cards to Diamond Dynasty.

All of the cards have a 99 OVR and possess some astonishing attributes. Players can't wait to get their hands on these cards and use them to take their squad to the next level.

MLB The Show 24 Homestretch Choice Pack 3

The Homestretch Choice Pack 3 arrived at MLB The Show 24 on Thursday 22 May at around 12 pm PT (3 pm ET / 8 pm BST).

This choice pack introduced seven incredible 99 OVR cards, which are:

99 OVR Pete Crow-Armstrong
99 OVR Devin Williams
99 OVR Spencer Strider
99 OVR Marcelo Mayer
99 OVR Logan O'Hoppe
99 OVR Jackson Chourio
99 OVR John King

These cards are from a plethora of different programs and promos, such as the Pipeline Series, have spectacular attributes, and quirks, and are also perfect if you want to upgrade your squad.

The Homestretch Choice Pack 3 cards can also help you complete programs such as Team Affinity Season 1 Chapter 3, or the many Season Awards Programs, quickly and easily.

MLB The Show 24 Spencer Strider Card Attributes
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Credit: MLB The Show 24
This Spencer Strider card has some astonishing attributes!

This pack has three rounds, base, mid, and rare. Players can select one card from each of the rounds, so make sure you pay close attention to the card's attributes when making your selection.

The Homestretch Choice Pack 3 costs 40k Stubs, and players are limited to three packs. This is the same formula used in both the Homestretch Choice Pack 1 and Homestretch Choice Pack 2 packs.

Homestretch Choice Pack 3 contains a great mixture of superstar pitchers and hitters, such as Pete Crow-Armstrong, Spencer Strider, and Marcelo Mayer. This means you can upgrade your team in a plethora of positions.

If you are looking for a great pitcher, a fantastic hitter, or just want to improve your Diamond Dynasty team in general, make sure to take a look at the Homestretch Choice Pack 3.

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