MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty: Everything you need to know about the game mode

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MLB The Show 24 is inching closer and closer, and fans can't wait to get their hands on one of the most anticipated sports games of 2024. Most fans are especially excited about one particular game mode, Diamond Dynasty.

Diamond Dynasty allows you to build your dream team and compete against other players. It's very similar to EA FC Ultimate Team or NBA 2K MyTEAM.

So let's find out what game modes we can expect this year and what features might be introduced to Diamond Dynasty.

Diamond Dynasty

As mentioned above, Diamond Dynasty allows you to build your dream team using current-day players and legends of the game.

You can compete against other players Diamond Dynasty squad to earn rewards, own your skill and prove you are among the best MLB The Show 24 players in the world.

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty cover
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Credit: MLB The Show

There are also a plethora of offline modes inside Diamond Dynasty which allow you to earn rewards that you can then use to buy better cards and upgrade your squad. These offline modes also offer other ways of entertainment for players.

The main goal is to create the best squad possible while you compete against other players and test your skills. At the same time, some players prefer to focus on the offline aspect of Diamond Dynasty, griding challenges, collecting cards, and opting for a more casual and laid-back experience.

Diamond Dynasty expected modes in MLB The Show 24

We still don't have official confirmation of what game modes will or won't be on Diamond Dynasty this year. However, by taking a look at the modes that were present in previous editions, we have a very good idea of which ones will be present in MLB The Show 24.

Ranked, Battle Royale, Conquest, Events, Moments, Showdown, and Mini Seasons are the game modes we expect to see returning. These game modes give Diamond Dynasty the perfect mixture of online and offline modes and can help captivate players.

Ranked is where you battle other players while using your Diamond Dynasty squad, to prove your skill and earn rewards.

Battle Royale is a multiplayer game mode where players need to pay a 1500 Stubs entrance fee. It allows players to draft a 26-man squad and try out some cards they otherwise wouldn't have access to. The goal is to reach as many wins as possible, with 12 wins being the maximum. Losing two games will get you eliminated.

Conquest is a very similar game to RISK, where you battle for control of territories. The Moments game mode is linked to specific programs which are released throughout the game and let you relive some of the most historic moments in baseball.

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty Battle Royale,
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Credit: MLB The Show
Battle Royale menu in MLB The Show 23.

Showdown is a single-player game mode which is somewhat similar to Battle Royale. Here you also draft your team and choose certain perks for your squad.

Then, you will face a plethora of challenges until you reach and defeat the final boss. This mode allows you to earn many great rewards you can use to improve your Diamond Dynasty squad.

Mini Seasons is yet another single-player mode that we expect to see in MLB The Show 24. In this mode, you will play a 28-game season, with each match having three innings, using your Diamond Dynasty squad. You will play against other users Diamond Dynasty squad which is controlled by the CPU.

Last but not least, we have the Events mode. This mode has specific squad requirements you need to meet to participate and will put you up against other players. These requirements change from time to time, keeping the mode fresh.

These were all the modes present in MLB The Show 23 and their rules. We expect most of the modes to return and to do so with the same format.

However, there is a small chance a new game mode will be introduced or at least some changes to the current ones. For now, there is no official information about that, so we have to wait and see.

Sets and Seasons system

In MLB The Show 23, the Sets and Seasons system was introduced to make Diamond Dynasty feel fresh all year round. This is a card rotation system that forces players to make changes to their squad.

Apart from the core cards, cards from a specific set could only be used in that set and the next one. For example, cards that were released on Set 1 can be used in Seasons 1 and 2, but aren't eligible to make your squad in Season 3.

Core cards, as mentioned above, can always be inserted into your squad no matter the Season. It's also worth noting that, not all modes use the Sets and Seasons system.

MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty Sets and Seasons system modes
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Credit: MLB The Show
These were the modes affected by the Sets and Seasons system in MLB The Show 23.
"Some modes throughout Diamond Dynasty, like Ranked and Conquest, will require Season Squads made up of In-Season cards, keeping squads fresh and competition fierce!" "In-Season cards consist of the sets released during the current and previous seasons, in addition to all Core Set cards which are always eligible."

This system received a lot of criticism from the MLB The Show community, so we aren't entirely sure it will come back. However, so far, nothing indicates the contrary, so we expect to see the Sets and Seasons system return.

But we wouldn't be surprised if the system undergoes some changes, as it wasn't very successful in MLB The Show 23, at least from the community's point of view.

We will update this article regularly, so make sure to bookmark it.

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