MLB The Show 24: Everything about the Pipeline Series

MLB The Show 24 Pipeline Series cover

MLB The Show 24 Pipeline Series cover

The Pipeline Series has just arrived at MLB The Show 24 and it introduced some great cards. This new card series is focused on the biggest MLB prospects of the 2024 season and gives players a chance to get some new blood into their Diamond Dynasty squad.

The cards the Pipeline Series introduced have some high ratings and great attributes, especially for this stage in the game.

So let's find out everything about the Pipeline Series.

MLB The Show 24 Pipeline Series

As mentioned above, the Pipeline Series has just gone live, and it introduced nine amazing cards, with five of them having an 89 OVR, three having a 92 OVR, and one having a 93 OVR.

The 89 OVR players are Ryan Clifford, Brayan Rocchio, Blake Mitchel, Carson Whisenhunt and Chase Petty. As for the spectacular 92 OVR players, we have Roderick Arias, Jordan Beck and Nick Frasso. The incredible 93 OVR card belongs to Matt Shaw, the Chicago Cubs first-round draft pick.

All of the Pipeline Series cards have great attributes, with some also possessing spectacular quirks. Obviously, the 92 OVR and 93 OVR cards are the ones you want to have in your squad, as they excel in almost every metric.

MLB The Show 24 Pipeline Series 93 OVR Matt Shaw
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The great 93 OVR Matt Shaw card is only available in the Headliners Choice Pack 7!

Unfortunately, the only way to earn the 89 OVR and 93 OVR cards is by buying the Pipeline Series pack, which costs 40K Stubs, and players are limited to only three packs.

As for the 93 OVR Matt Shaw card, you will need to buy the Headliners Choice Pack 7 to get your hands on it. This pack costs 35K Stubs and is also limited to three packs per user.

More Pipeline Series cards will be coming to Diamond Dynasty soon, in either Pipeline Series packs or Headliners Choice packs.

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