MLB The Show 21 is looking to deliver on new features

MLB The Show 21 is right around the corner, and it's going to be packed with new features.

We already know about gameplay upgrades and game mode improvements across the board, but what new features can we expect from MLB The Show 21?

Here's everything we know so far as the game prepares to land on Early Access this week.

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From the debut on Xbox and next gen coming with the introduction of crossplay, to the top-notch Franchise Mode and single player Career Mode, there are lots of reasons to keep your eyes on MLB The Show 21.

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March to October & Franchise Mode changes coming

MLB The Show 21 is due to land a Feature Premiere later this week, and the spotlight this time will turn to both March to October and Franchise Mode.

In a Q&A providing an early look at things with Coach and MLB The Show 21 Product Development Communications and Brand Strategist Ramone Russell, they noted that some major logic changes are coming.

On top of that, there's new commentary in March to October and a shiny new depth chart that'll feature in both modes, but even more details will hit this Thursday in the Feature Premiere.

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MLB The Show 21 New Features

These are the big new features we already know of for MLB The Show 21 - and the places we can expect the next announcements to hit.

Speed through to Playoffs in March to October

The latest video from Coach and Tatis Jr is all about getting you to the play-offs as fast as possible.

"March to October has massive improvements to the player logic system, constant intensity throughout the MTO Postseason and even more user control over your roster," according to Coach.

Find out more about March to October here.

Stadium Creator coming to Next Gen

One of the brand new features unveiled for MLB The Show 21 has been Stadium Creator, which will allow players to create a customized ballpark.

The only limit will be your imagination, and your console, as this feature is going to be exclusive to Next Gen versions of the game.

While it looks very exciting, there are questions about how taking custom ballparks into Online Play could create some major issues.

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MLB The Show 21 will be the first game in the series to not be a PlayStation exclusive.

MLB The Show 21 crossplay features xbox playstation home run
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POSSIBILITIES: MLB The Show 21 will be massive for all of sports gaming

This will expand the player base massively by opening the doors to Xbox consoles Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, and now they're even including crosplay.

This will innovate sports gaming in a way no other major franchise has before with players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles having the opportunity to compete against friends across platforms.

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On top of that, they've also revealed cross platform progression, so players won't have to start over if they get the title on a different platform or upgrade to Next Gen after the game is launched.

Diamond Dynasty Growth

Diamond Dynasty is the flagship game mode of the MLB The Show series, and so we expect some improvements for MLB The Show 21.

Every new feature put into Diamond Dynasty this year will go an extra mile now that a whole new group of players has access to the game - and with crossplay, we expect the number of players in Diamond Dynasty to double.

That means we are hoping for some exciting new game modes (after some great work here in MLB The Show 20) - exciting new promos, and all around more content to engage it with more regular events.

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One thing that has been revealed is that you'll be able to take your Ballplayer from Road to the Show into Diamond Dynasty, and speaking of RTTS...

Road to the Show (RTTS) & Career Mode Upgrade

One of the most popular parts of MLB The Show 21 is Road to the Show, which serves as the game's Career Mode, and developers are not slacking on upgrades this year.

Revealed in the Feature Premiere last week, Road to the Show is now also connected to a unified Ballplayer that links a single created player to both RTTS and Diamond Dynasty.

RTTS will see major upgrades including new features like Loadouts and Programs, but there's also a brand new in-game podcast that'll actively change depending on your performance that makes this a story-driven single player dream.

The podcast will be full video for Next Gen versions of the title, but is still included as an audio podcast in Current Gen versions of MLB The Show 21.

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Hitting, Pitching, and Fielding Gameplay Improved

While initial looks came through trailers, two of the biggest Feature Premiere streams have revaled major gameplay updates to the hitting, pitching, and fielding systems in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Hitting Pitching New Features
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X-FACTORS: Multiple factors wil affect pitching in MLB The Show 21

New features like Pinpoint Pitching and PAR are ready to impress and truly improve the core gameplay experience for hitting and pitching in MLB The Show 21.

On the other hand, fielding is seeing a complete overhaul, and many new indicators and animations will seek to improve things in general while keeping new players in mind and helping players to master things on their own.

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