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16 Feb 2021

New Features Players Can Expect in MLB The Show 21

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Latest News - Speed through to Play-Offs

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Coach is Back

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MLB The Show 21 New Features

MLB The Show 21 will be the first major sports release of 2021 - and one of the first optimized for Next Gen consoles.

With so much anticipation for the game, a series of videos are being released throughout February outlining some of the changes from previous editions.

Here's what we know about the new features - and where else we can expect big things on launch day.

Latest News - Speed through to Play-Offs

The latest video from Coach and Tatis Jr is all about getting you to the play-offs as fast as possible.

"March to October has massive improvements to the player logic system, constant intensity throughout the MTO Postseason and even more user control over your roster," according to Coach.

Find out more about March to October here.

Coach is Back

That's right, Coach is back alongside cover star Fernando Tatis Jr to showcase all areas of the game ahead of release.

We will get new featured videos every Tuesday and Thursday for the remainder of the month, explaining some of the new areas of the game.

Find out all the details here including information on the Technical Test.

MLB The Show 21 New Features

These are the big new features we already know of for MLB The Show 21 - and the places we can expect the next announcements to hit.


MLB The Show 21 will be the first game in the series to not be a PlayStation exclusive game.

MLB The Show 21 crossplay features xbox playstation home run
POSSIBILITIES: MLB The Show 21 will be massive for all of sports gaming

This will expand the player base massively by opening the doors to Xbox consoles Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.

But Sony's San Diego Studio isn't stopping there.

MLB The Show 21 will innovate an area of sports gaming that no other major franchise has - crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox consoles (and even crossplay for next gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X)!

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That means you can fire up a Diamond Dynasty game with your friends from the other console family.

Speaking of...

Diamond Dynasty Growth

Diamond Dynasty is the flagship game mode of the MLB The Show series, and so we expect some improvements for MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Showdown
SHOWDOWN: Diamond Dynasty leveled up big with the new Showdown game mode

Every new feature put into Diamond Dynasty this year will go an extra mile now that a whole new group of players has access to the game - and with crossplay, we expect the number of players in Diamond Dynasty to double.

That means we are hoping for some exciting new game modes (after some great work here in MLB The Show 20) - exciting new promos, and all around more content to engage it with more regular events.

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Road to the Show (RTTS) Expansion

Road to the Show is where players spend most of their time outside of Diamond Dynasty in the MLB The Show series, and for good reason.

MLB The Show 21 RTTS Road to the Show Features Game Modes
MAKE YOUR CHOICES: RTTS puts choice in the player's hands

The game mode is a quality Career Mode simulation that lets players engage with the world around them as they climb the ranks from a college prospect through the minor leagues and finally to the MLB.

Along the way, players can take on dynamic challenges during games to pick up extra benefits (or fail and risk losses), interact with teammates and opponents alike to form relationships, and customize their player from top to bottom.

RTTS has a lot going for it, but we expect further innovation in MLB The Show 21, and building out on all the great things it already does.

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Fielding Rework

MLB The Show 20 built out pitching and batting systems to be the best they've ever felt - but one thing has been lacking as of late, and MLB The Show 21 will hopefully fix that. That lacking area is fielding.

MLB The Show 21 Fielding Features Robbing Home Run
MAKE THE PLAY: Fielding in MLB The Show 21 deserves some upgrades

Fielding has been a headache for MLB The Show players in recent years, with errors feeling entirely out of the hands of players.

Fielding also lacks the innovative and immersive controls that pitching and batting have to keep things fun.

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