MLB The Show 21 reveals more about Stadium Creator

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MLB The Show 21 continues to reveal more before the game launches in April, and the latest trailer with Coach and Tatis Jr. gives us an inside look at Stadium Creator.

We've got everything that's known so far about the new Next Gen-exclusive mode.


MLB The Show 21 reveals more about Stadium Creator

MLB The Show 21 released a look recently at the game's Next Gen graphics, but they also just showed a sneak peek of Stadium Creator.

In the latest trailer, they've revealed more about this new creation suite where you can make the ballpark of your dreams.


Not only will you have plenty of customization options, but the things you make in Stadium Creator can be taken into Diamond Dynasty, Franchise Mode, and even Online Play.

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Ultimate customization

The amount of customization options shown in just this brief glimpse looks like the only limit will be the imagination of players.

MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator trailer screenshot
GET CREATIVE: Stadium Creator will put the power with the player

They reveal that there will be over 1,000 unique pieces available in Stadium Creator, and the level of detail which can be used seems to be as minute as possible.

Whether it's the exact location of foul poles, height of walls, colors, or statues, Stadium Creator is primed to let you make your dream a reality or, as they mentioned, "just build something totally weird."

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Current Gen loses out on new feature

Unfortunately, Stadium Creator will be exclusive to Next Gen versions of MLB The Show 21. That means anyone on Current Gen won't get this feature.

MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator trailer screenshot
NEXT GEN ONLY: If you're on PS4 or Xbox One, you're out of luck

That's not entirely surprising as the mode looks very graphics intensive, especially considering the 4K 60FPS upgrades also being done for Next Gen versions.


Especially with the plan to make these custom ballparks available in Online Play, it may be something that only works with the upgraded technical specs of Next Gen platforms.

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