Stadium Creator could be a big problem for Online Play

MLB The Show 21 is set to release next month, and that includes a debut on Xbox consoles and the advent of crossplay.

We've slowly gotten different parts of the game's various modes and features revealed, but the news of Stadium Creator might be a major mishap in waiting.

Stadium Creator will be Next Gen exclusive

MLB The Show 21 revealed Stadium Creator in one of their recent trailers featuring Coach and Tatis Jr.

While it'll be the first time the feature has come to the MLB The Show franchise, it has been seen in baseball titles before.

Over a decade ago, MVP Baseball featured a Create-a-Ballpark mode that players are excited is finally returning.

Unfortunately, this return is Next Gen exclusive, so only those enjoying the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of MLB The Show 21 will get to enjoy Stadium Creator.

Trailer confirmed creations in Online Play

In the trailer released by Sony San Diego that dove a bit deeper into the new Stadium Creator mode, they specifically state that player creations can be taken into Franchise Mode, Diamond Dynasty, and even Online Play.

That last part might be the most surprising, but it's surely a prospect that's exciting for many that are looking forward to the launch of MLB The Show 21.

Players love to flex their creative muscles, and it only makes sense that they'll hope to put those customized ballparks on display for others as much as they can.

FIFA 21 introduced FUT Stadium, a similar mode

Many may look to EA Sports and FIFA 21 to get an idea of how Stadium Creator might be part of the gameplay when MLB The Show 21 launches.

FIFA 21 introduced FUT Stadium, allowing players to customize the home of their Ultimate Team as they took on others in Online Play.

However, it's worth noting that the nature of FIFA 21 and soccer in general means that the details here were only cosmetic, and didn't affect the gameplay.

That may not be the case with MLB The Show 21, and that's exactly where things could go awry.

Customization even includes foul poles and back wall

The trailer on this new feature delved into just how extensive Stadium Creator will be when it comes to customizing all the various details of your ballpark.

MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator trailer screenshot
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FOUL BALL: Even the foul poles are adjustable in Stadium Creator

You'll have lots of options to add unique statues or decorations just outside of or behind your ballpark, but that detail also extends to the very edges of the field itself.

As shown in the video, players can adjust exact locations of the foul poles and even manipulate the position and height of the back wall.

Players can make Home Runs way too easy

That manipulation of the back wall is a piece of the puzzle that is already worrying players, because anything players can use will ultimately be misused if people are able.

MLB The Show 20 Batter Stadium
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LONG GONE: Sluggers will have a field day depending on stadiums

Online Play, especially when it's Ranked, is highly competitive. Many players are looking to win at all costs, and any advantage they can create is one they'll be putting into effect.

The ability to manipulate the back wall opens up a Pandora's Box as players can now look to position that wall perfectly to create the easiest home runs and setup for their exact team makeup.

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Online Play needs restrictions on custom ballparks

We haven't yet gotten all of the exact specifications for Stadium Creator, just a glimpse, but MLB The Show 21 will need to have some very particular restrictions in order to mitigate this issue.

MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator trailer screenshot
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HOME RUN: Without restrictions, home runs can be hugely affected

Some eagle-eyed viewers had noticed some icons near the top-right in a few shots of Stadium Creator, which could indicate use in Online Play, but that's just speculation and remains unconfirmed.

While there's no harm in letting players manipulate things for ease of play when offline, or even in Franchise Mode, doing so in Online Play is a recipe for disaster.

MLB The Show 21 made the right call by introducing Stadium Creator, and the player response is proving that, but they need to also expect players to take advantage of it and put proper stopgaps in place before that happens.

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