MLB The Show 21 Stream reveals big RTTS changes

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San Diego Studio's third feature reveal livestream has just concluded, and it revealed some massive new Road to the Show (RTTS) and Ballplayer features for MLB The Show 21!

Let's dive right into all the new content coming for players this year.

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MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show Changes

Road to the Show is one of the best career modes in sports gaming, and it's getting some big upgrades in MLB The Show 21!

MLB The Show 21 RTTS Gameplaay Trailer World Series
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THE JOURNEY: The Road to the Show isn't an easy one

For starters, Road to the Show will have a brand new narrative system, which includes over 180 different podcasts filmed with professional voices throughout baseball and hosted by Ben Gellman.

These podcasts will show depending on your decisions, which means you won't see every one of them in any RTTS playthrough.


Players will also be able to play as 2-Way Players in MLB The Show 21 RTTS, meaning you can pitch and bat as you want to throughout your career.

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MLB The Show 21 Ballplayer Features

MLB The Show 21 is going all-in on Ballplayers, which will shake up the game in nearly all game modes.

MLB The Show 21 Ballplayer Features Road to the Show RTTS Gameplay Trailer
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GET CREATIVE: MLB The Show 21 lets players do much more with their Ballplayers

For starters, Ballplayers will now have loadouts in MLB The Show 21.


These loadouts support different builds and archetypes that players can switch between throughout RTTS and other game modes.

Even better, these loadouts are per position, so players can customize how they approach different situations from different spots.

Players can also progress their Ballplayers via Programs, a new addition to RTTS. Programs will offer Missions to complete to improve your player and take on new skills.

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What's Next?

MLB The Show 21 is still weeks away, and San Diego Studio still have several feature reveal streams planned along the way.

MLB The Show 21 feature reveal schedule streams
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3 DOWN, 3 TO GO: MLB The Show 21's feature reveal schedule is clear

Expect to learn about new additions for Diamond Dynasty, Franchise, March to October, and more over the next few weeks.

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