March to October & Franchise Mode changes coming

MLB The Show 21 is gearing up for this week's Feature Premiere on March to October and Franchise Mode, but that also means we've been given a sneak preview of what is coming.

These weekly Feature Premieres have taken aim at various features and modes in the title that is set to launch later this month, but what has the latest Q&A told us about MLB The Show 21?

March to October & Franchise Mode Changes Coming

As has become relatively standard, a Q&A between Coach and MLB The Show 21 Product Development Communications and Brand Strategist Ramone Russell was released today with details ahead of this Thursday's Feature Premiere.

In the brief Q&A about March to October and Franchise Mode, Russell dropped some exciting information about increases in Team Affinity Rewards in March to October, logic upgrades across the board, and new commentary in some March to October content.

We also got further confirmation that Stadium Creator will be usable in Franchise Mode, and we are supposed to get lots of details this Thursday about changes to contract negotiations, call-ups, and send downs.

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New Depth Chart in MLB The Show 21

One specific question answered by Russell, which is likely thanks to a fan asking through Twitter, called out the new depth chart that was seen briefly in the Coach & Tatis Jr. trailer for March to October.

MLB The Show 21 March to October Franchise Mode Depth Chart
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TAKE CONTROL: Make calculated decisions with your in-game depth chart

The depth chart from this video, seen above, is a welcome change and looks to make things more clear and understandable than ever.

Ramone Russell confirmed in today's Q&A that this depth chart was actually initially created for Franchise Mode, but was moved to March to October because developers liked it so much, and will be part of MLB The Show 21 in both Franchise and March to October.

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