Speed through March to October in MLB The Show 21

The MLB The Show 21 new features just keep on coming, with the latest drop looking at March to October.

Coach & Tatis are here to speed you through to the Playoffs.

March to October Teaser

With March to October, it's all about getting the postseason - and now with just some key moments, you can get to playoffs with ease.

162 games is one hell of a season in the MLB, so sit back, relax, and just make sure your franchise turns up when the chips are down.

As Coach says: "March to October has massive improvements to the player logic system, constant intensity throughout the MTO Postseason and even more user control over your roster."

Fast-track Episodes

A season can be defined by just a few key moments, so make sure you pull through in the fast-track episodes.

"Enjoy increased user control through new fast-track-episodes, allowing top prospects to help your team with their March to October."

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MAKE IT COUNT - With Fast-track Episodes, every moment matters

Look after your talent

It's not all about one campaign, with some players requiring further nurturing.

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TINKER YOUR TALENT - Adjust your roster on the fly in March to October

Fast-track the development of your franchise's prospects by playing minor league games for more impactful call-ups

What else is new?

We've seen quite a few drops now from Coach and Fernando Tatis Jnr ahead of the release of MLB The Show 21.

Firstly, customization looks to be one of the major additions this year, with even the gameplay available to be customized.

If you want to have an ultra-realistic experience, then you can adjust the game accordingly. Likewise, if you want an arcade-style with fast gameplay, you can tweak things to fit in with what you're looking for.

Another exciting addition is the ability to take your Ballplayer out of Road to the Show and into other game modes.

That's right, for the first time, you can take your player into Diamond Dynasty!

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