MLB The Show 21 is Available Now For All Players

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MLB The Show 21 didn't let the passing of the title's release date slow things down, and they've continued to drop new content each week.

With more always over the horizon, we've got all the details you need on the release date and schedule for new conent in MLB The Show 21.

Latest News - Roster Update

The latest biweekly roster update for MLB The Show 21 was released on Friday, June 25, 2021, and this was the most significant one yet.

Each roster update adjusts the overall ratings and individual attributes of cards in the Live Series for Diamond Dynasty based on those players actual real-life MLB performances.

Previous updates saw between two and six players make the jump to Diamond tier, but this latest update saw 10 different players upgraded to Diamond status.

We've got all the details here on the new Diamonds and who else saw their ratings change.

Latest Event - Lefties

One of the many Diamond Dynasty game modes players should know about are Events. These unique online challenges task players with building a squad based on specific rules to stack wins for big rewards.

MLB The Show 21 Release Date Event Schedule
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CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Rack up rewards while following the team rules

Players are challenged to build up cumulative wins and/or a streak of wins to earn key rewards before the event is over.

The current event ends on May 28, 2021 at 11am PT (1pm CT/2pm ET).

Latest Patch Notes - Game Update 9 (Version 1.09/1.009/

The latest Game Update was released for MLB The Show 21 on June 19, 2021 and deployed at approximately 4am PT.

Several bug fixes were made for Online Head to Head, Stadiums, Road to the Show, Franchise, and some other miscellaneous areas.

The update also included a message at the end of their patch notes which condemned offensive and disrespectful content being uploaded as community creations.

Sony San Diego thanked those who have reported this content and asked players to continue doing so in order for them to keep things free of that kind of content.

Future Content Release Schedule

Fortunately, players can rely on MLB The Show 21 to continue delivering new content in Diamond Dynasty.

Sony San Diego has confirmed that new content drops happen at 12pm PT (2pm CT/3pm ET).

MLB The Show 21 Release Date Schedule
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WHAT'S NEXT: Take a look at what's coming for Diamond Dynasty

Here's everything coming soon to Diamond Dynasty:

  • June 29 - Switch It Up Event: Build a team of switch-hitters with Gold & Silver pitchers for new rewards
  • July 1 - 4th Inning Program: Three new bosses arrive on Thursday
  • July 1 - July Daily Moments: Look for new Evolution rookies by playing Daily Moments

Check back here as these days pass to see what's next for MLB The Show 21.

Release Date

The release date for MLB The Show 21 was Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

MLB The Show 21 Release Date Beta Invites
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MAKE THE SLIDE: We're closer and closer to launch day

The game immediately went onto Xbox Game Pass - a massive bonus to commemorate the game arriving on Xbox consoles for the first time this year.

Buy MLB The Show 21 Now

MLB The Show 21 is available now on the PlayStation store, Microsoft Store, and retailers all around the world!

The Standard Edition on current gen consoles is $59.99 and on next gen consoles is $69.99.

The Jackie Robinson Edition is available for $84.99, and the Digital Deluxe Edition will run you a full $99.99.

You can find more details here on the various Editions and what kind of rewards each comes with.

One of the first big decisions players will face is which powerful Diamond Dynasty legend to select from their Diamond Choice Pack with applicable editions of the game.

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