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MLB The Show 21: Top 10 Players in Diamond Dynasty

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MLB The Show 21 has finally arrived on all platforms, and players are already seeking out the best ratings and highest rated options in Diamond Dynasty.

The game's Ultimate Team mode allows the greats of the past and present to come together, but who came out with the best Diamond Dynasty ratings in MLB The Show 21?

How are Diamond Dynasty ratings different?

MLB The Show 21 handles ratings differently for Diamond Dynasty than it does for the main roster, as Diamond Dynasty often has many different versions of players.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Best Players Ratings Highest Rated
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DIAMOND DUPLICATES: Players can have more than one card in Diamond Dynasty

That could mean an ultra-powerful All-Star card of a player that's very highly rated, but by comparison their Rookie card or one from another part of their career might have a significantly lower rating.

These ratings operate independently of each player's main roster rating in MLB The Show 21, and instead only represent their abilities in Diamond Dynasty.

Top 10 Diamond Dynasty Players in MLB The Show 21


If you're looking to build the absolute best Diamond Dynasty team possible in MLB The Show 21, there are a handful of players who stand out above the rest.

Here are the top ten highest rated Diamond Dynasty players in MLB The Show 21:

Jackie Robinson, 2B (99 OVR), Brooklyn Dodgers

With the special edition focusing on Jackie Robinson, it's no surprise that the reward for players who collect all 42 members of the 42 Series is an epic 99 OVR Jackie Robinson.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Best Players Ratings Highest Rated Jackie Robinson
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THE NAMESAKE: Complete the 42 Series for this epic Jackie Robinson

Robinson has solid fielding, but it's his contact ratings that are really shining with this Diamond Dynasty card and make him an asset to any batting lineup.


David Ortiz, 1B (99 OVR), Boston Red Sox

You'll also need to focus on a collection to earn this 99 OVR David Ortiz, as he's the reward for completing the All AL Live Series collection, which will take time but is definitely worthwhile.

Ortiz has an astronomical 125 in Power vs Right-Handed Pitchers, with 100+ ratings in Contact vs Left-Handed Pitchers, Contact vs Right-Handed Pitchers, Power vs Left-Handed Pitchers, and Clutch that make him a must-have.

Alfonso Soriano, LF (99 OVR), Washington Nationals

On the other side of the MLB, you'll need to complete the All NL Live Series Collection to earn 99 OVR Alfonso Soriano for your Diamond Dynasty squad.

Soriano is top-notch with a 92 in Fielding and 93 in Accuracy, but he's also got strong batting stats with a 114 in Power vs Left-Handed Pitchers, 113 in Power vs Right-Handed Pitchers, 101 in Contact vs Left-Handed Pitchers, and 90 in Contact vs Right-Handed Pitchers.

Chipper Jones, 3B (99 OVR), Atlanta Braves

If you're looking to add 99 OVR Chipper Jones to your Diamond Dynasty squad, you'll have to complete the All MLB Live Series collection (which includes the previously mentioned Ortiz and Soriano) to get his MVP-themed card as your reward.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Best Players Ratings Highest Rated Chipper Jones
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CHIP OFF THE MVP BLOCK: Celebrate Jones' 1999 season with this card

Much like Ortiz and Robinson, Jones shines at the plate with a 125 in Contact vs Left-Handed Pitchers, 125 in Power vs Left-Handed Pitchers, and 100+ in multiple other attributes.


Steve Finley, CF (96 OVR), San Francisco Giants

If you want the best center fielder in Diamond Dynasty, make sure to complete the All NL West Live Series collection and you'll have a strong 96 OVR Steve Finley on your team.

Finley has a solid 106 in Power vs Right-Handed Pitchers and 99 in Power vs Left-Handed Pitchers, and 99 in Durability that make him a long-term asset for your team.

Tom Glavine, SP (96 OVR), New York Mets

Having a good starting pitcher can set the tone for a game, and you can earn a 96 OVR Tom Glavine by completing the All NL East Live Series collection.

Right at the top, Glavine has a 112 in Stamina, but his 99 in Home Runs Allowed per 9 Innings, 99 in Break, and 96 in Control anchor a powerful group of pitching stats.

Frank Tanana, SP (95 OVR), Los Angeles Angels

The second pitcher on this list is a great 95 OVR Frank Tanana, who you can earn by completing the Angels Live Series collection.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Best Players Ratings Highest Rated Frank Tanana
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START STRONG: Having a reliable starting pitcher makes a huge difference

Tanana has a fantastic 121 in Stamina, but he's also got a 104 in Pitching Clutch, 102 in Strikeout per 9 Innings, and 99 in Break that make him a fantastic choice for your bullpen.


Rickey Henderson, LF (95 OVR), Oakland Athletics

If you knock out the All AL West Live Series collection, you'll have the opportunity to add this 95 OVR Rickey Henderson to your squad in Diamond Dynasty.

Henderson boasts a near-perfect 120 in Discipline, but he's also got a 92 in Vision, 95 in Durability, 91 in Contact vs Left-Handed Pitchers, and 88 in Clutch to round things out.

Rich Gossage, CP (95 OVR), New York Yankees

On the way to earning the top players on this list, completing the All AL East Live Series collection will earn you this 95 OVR version of Rich Gossage as a devastating closing pitcher.

Gossage has a perfect 125 in Pitching Clutch, 119 in Hits Allowed per 9 Innings, and 119 in Strikeouts per 9 Innings that make him perfect for endings things right in a close game.

Mike Trout, CF (95 OVR), Los Angeles Angels

The final player on this list is the only one not earned through collections, but you'll want to snag this 95 OVR Mike Trout if you can.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Best Players Ratings Highest Rated Mike Trout
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THE BIG FISH: There's a reason Trout is so coveted and expensive

This version of Trout can potentially be earned as a Daily Login Reward just from playing MLB The Show 21, but he can also be found in standard The Show Packs or purchased in the Community Market if you've got nearly 400k Stubs on hand.

Trout proves his worth with a 124 in Discipline, 109 in Power vs Right-Handed Pitchers, 98 in Contact vs Right-Handed Pitchers, and 91 in Clutch that will help you score that much-needed game-sealing hit or home run.

Outside of Diamond Dynasty, Mike Trout sits high on the list of highest rated players in the core roster for MLB The Show 21.

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