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How to get started in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty is thriving with crossplay bringing even more players to the game, but it can still be a lot to tackle.

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This guide will help you get Diamond Dynasty off to the right start so your squad can grow and thrive in MLB The Show 21.

Latest - Team Affinity preps for Season 2

Team Affinity is one of the many Programs in Diamond Dynasty, and it's prepared to launch Season 2 this coming Friday.


Team Affinity allows players to complete challenges tied to a specific team or division, or players connected to them, in order to earn rewards for Diamond Dynasty.

We've got all the details here on what to expect when Season 2 arrives.

Where to Start in Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty has some new features depending on the console of your choice, but your path to building your squad is largely the same.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty moments 1st inning team programs game modes
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THE GRIND: There's plenty of ways to earn progress in Diamond Dynasty

The first thing you'll do in Diamond Dynasty is completing an initial challenge, and then receiving bonuses depending on which MLB The Show 21 edition you're playing. These rewards include packs and stubs to get you started.


For players with 1 or 2 Diamond Choice Packs, here's our breakdown of who you should pick.

From here, it's time to start building up Stubs and XP while upgrading your team with new stars, and you'll have several different choices on how to do this across the many Diamond Dynasty game modes.

If you're looking to get the most out of your time, here's how to best grind Stubs and XP.

Game Modes

Here's what each MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty game mode brings to the table:

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty events game modes
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PROVING GROUNDS: Events are a measuring stick for your Diamond Dynasty squad
  • Battle Royale - This multiplayer game mode challenges players to draft their own teams and stack up wins before losing 3 times, getting better rewards for each win.
  • Conquest - This single player game mode combines some strategy game elements, as players fight over spots on a map with other teams to battle it out for fans.
  • Events - MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty will always have an Event running, a time limited multiplayer game mode with rewards for short term and cumulative wins alike. For players looking to put a lot of time in, Events offer massive rewards if you can win up to 100 games.
  • Extra Innings - This single player game mode copies active rosters from other players, but will pilot them with AI. This is perfect to get practice against the kind of rosters you'll see online, but let you practice against them.
  • Moments - This single player game mode challenges players to recreate legendary moments from history as you go through a legend's career in order to unlock them for your team.
  • Ranked Seasons - This multiplayer game mode is not for the feint of heart. In Ranked Seasons, your wins and losses are counted and your rating is in the balance. By the end of the season, you will receive rewards based on your league finish.
  • Showdown -This single player game mode lets players draft players and perks for their team as they progress through challenges. It all aptly leads up to a showdown where players must outscore their opponents with a number of consecutive at bats.

Of these game modes, players should start with single player modes like Showdown, Conquest, Extra Innings, and Moments, as these will give a consistent level of challenge with AI opponents.

Once players are comfortable against AI, Battle Royale and Events are great bets for consistent growth, as they even the playing field limiting the rosters you'll face via restrictions and drafts.

Managing Stubs, Packs, and Using the Community Market

Packs are a vital part of the Ultimate Team style game mode, and Diamond Dynasty has plenty of options.

Players can earn packs in different Diamond Dynasty game modes, and by leveling up with XP. Players can also buy packs in the store with Stubs.

The general rule of thumb in Diamond Dynasty, like other Ultimate Team modes, is to avoid purchasing and opening packs.

This puts your Diamond Dynasty progress up to chance, when instead you can spend these Stubs on the Community Market to pick up the exact players you're looking for.