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25 Feb 2021

MLB The Show 21 Ratings - Who Will Be the Best Player?

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Latest News - What Will Cover Star Fernando Tatis Jr.'s Rating Be?

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Jackie Robinson Edition Trailer

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MLB The Show 21 Ratings

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Team Ratings

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Diamond Dynasty Ratings

MLB The Show 21 is set to revolutionize baseball gaming, opening the series to Xbox consoles and even offering crossplay!

With some big new features already announced, one thing players are waiting to see are the MLB The Show 21 roster and its ratings.

So who will be the top rated players in the MLB The Show 21?

Latest News - What Will Cover Star Fernando Tatis Jr.'s Rating Be?

Fernando Tatis Jr. is the youngest cover star in MLB The Show's history - and he has all the makings to be baseball's next big superstar.

Fernando Tatis Jr. MLB The Show 21
STAND STRONG: The youngest cover star in The Show's history may clock a high rating in MLB The Show 21

But how will Tatis Jr. be rated in MLB The Show 21?

The Show has a history of keeping cover star's ratings in-line with reality, rather than giving them an extra bump for the spot.

With Tatis Jr. coming off of an 86 OVR rating in MLB The Show 20 - we expect this will rise to around 89 OVR in MLB The Show 21.

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Jackie Robinson Edition Trailer

The next edition of MLB The Show 21 has been revealed, and it honors the legendary Jackie Robinson!

You can check out the brand new MLB The Show 21: Jackie Robinson Edition Trailer below:

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MLB The Show 21 Ratings

There's been plenty of time since the release of MLB The Show 20 and its last rating update.

MLB The Show 21 Ratings 99 OVR Trout Tatis deGrom Freeman Abreu
STANDOUT: Several players will land at 99 OVR in MLB The Show 21

With this in mind, we expect MLB The Show 21 ratings will have some changes.

One thing is on all player's minds - who will be the highest rated players? With the MLB The Show series, there will be several players at the highest possible rating.

These are the players we expect will land at 99 OVR.

  • Mike Trout
  • Shane Bieber
  • Jacob deGrom
  • Freddie Freeman
  • Jose Abreu

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Team Ratings

With these players as likely candidates for the 99 OVR club in MLB The Show 21, which teams will be the highest rated?

MLB The Show 21 Team Ratings LA Dodgers Tampa Bay Rays Atlanta Braves
BEST OF THE BEST: MLB The Show 21 will have a tight race for highest rated team

After a tremendous 2020 campaign, the LA Dodgers will likely be the highest rated team in the game, followed by the Tampa Bay Rays, Atlanta Braves, Houston Astros, and New York Yankees.

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Diamond Dynasty Ratings

Diamond Dynasty will be massive in MLB The Show 21 as it'll be the first game of the series that isn't a PlayStation exclusive, and will feature crossplay with Xbox One and Xbox Series X!

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Ratings Gold Choice Pack Preorder Rewards
LEGENDS: Diamond Dynasty lets players make teams of elite players throughout baseball's history

Diamond Dynasty ratings steadily ramp up over the course of the year, but to start, players will be able to enjoy some strong players depending on which MLB The Show 21 Edition they order.

These rewards span from some general The Show packs to Gold Choice packs which give players a nice head start with a solid player to build around in Diamond Dynasty.

The first few weeks will be a fantastic time to start in Diamond Dynasty, as even the most dedicated players will be starting from the same place.

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