Diamond Dynasty is already rolling in The Show

MLB The Show 21 has made waves this year, and for the first time ever, PlayStation and Xbox players alike are clashing in the Diamond Dynasty game mode.

With so much going on in the ultimate team game mode, here's all the latest things you need to know about MLB The Show 21 Ultimate Team.

Latest- Game Update 5 fixes several problems with Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 21 has released Game Update 5 (or Version 1.05, 1.005, or 1.45) and it is downloadable now on all platforms.

In Game Update 5, Sony San Diego fixed several bugs and other issues.

They fixed a bug where the wrong uniform would show in Extra Innings. Also, there was an issue where users would accidentally "Quick Sell" when trying to sell now with quick actions, and that has also been fixed.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty

Diamond Dynasty is the ultimate team game mode in the MLB The Show series.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty
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ULTIMATE TEAM: Craft a squad of your favorites and top legends

It allows players to build a team of superstars from throughout baseball's long and storied history, and battle it out with others for big rewards.

MLB The Show 21 takes cues from what previous years got right, but there are plenty of upgrades and improvements to Diamond Dynasty this year.

New Content Release Schedule

If you've somehow plowed through everything Diamond Dynasty currently has to offer, there will always be more content coming.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty
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THERE'S ALWAYS MORE: New content is on the way constantly

Sony San Diego has stated new content can arrive more than once a week, and new content drops happen at 12pm PT (2pm CT/3pm ET).

This is the current schedule for upcoming content in Diamond Dynasty:

  • April 30 - Battle Royale Rewards: New program to earn exclusive rewards
  • April 30 - Roster Update: First upgrades and downgrades for player attributes
  • May 1 - May Daily Moments: Look for new Evolution rookies by playing Daily Moments
  • May 5 - Monthly Awards: April Monthly Awards program, players and the lightning Flashback!

More will be added as each of these events passes.

Survival Guide: Tips & Tricks

It can be daunting to know where to start in Diamond Dynasty, especially for new players who might be trying the game via Xbox Game Pass for the first time.

In general, Diamond Dynasty is going to involve some grinding just like any Ultimate Team mode as you

If you need help getting rolling, check out our Diamond Dynasty Survival Guide for tips, tricks, and more details about different game modes and sections of Diamond Dynasty.

How to get stubs fast and cheap

Stubs are an important currency in Diamond Dynasty, and the good news is that players can earn stubs by doing basically anything in the game.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty
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FIND THE SECRETS: Conquest Hidden Rewards are a great source of stubs

However, there are certain methods and game modes which are much more efficient about earning stubs quickly with the least time investment.

You can follow the methods outlined here, or if you choose you can always purchase stubs with your own money in the in-game store.

Best Players in Diamond Dynasty

When you're deciding how to build your Diamond Dynasty team, it can help to know what you're ultimately aiming for in the long run.

You'll often be making your Diamond Dynasty squad based on what you have to work with, but there are some top notch players you want to work towards.

You can check here for the top ten players in Diamond Dynasty who have the highest ratings so far.

Offline and Online Game Modes

MLB The Show 21 takes the great Diamond Dynasty Game Modes of previous years and improves on what's already been proven.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty
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MULTIPLE OPTIONS: Choose the way you play in Diamond Dynasty

The following Online Game Modes are in Diamond Dynasty for MLB The Show 21:

  • Ranked Seasons
  • Battle Royale
  • Events
  • Casual

The following Offline Game Modes are in Diamond Dynasty for MLB The Show 21:

  • Play vs CPU
  • Extra Innings
  • Conquest
  • Showdown
  • Moments

You can find more details about each of the Diamond Dynasty Game Modes here.

While the new Stadium Creator next gen feature will work in Diamond Dynasty, it doesn't work in every single Game Mode.

Stadium Creator will not be usable in Conquest, Showdown, Moments, or Casual, but can be used in all other Diamond Dynasty modes.

Programs: 1st Inning, Team Affinity & more

One of the best ways to earn rewards and challenge yourself in Diamond Dynasty is through Programs, and these specific paths and missions net you some major rewards.

MLB The Show 21
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NEW CHALLENGES: Programs will constantly change in MLB The Show 21

The following programs are available in Diamond Dynasty now: 1st Inning, Daily Moments, Team Affinity, Player Programs, and Monthly Awards.

These featured programs can rotate every three to four weeks, but almost all rewards that can be earned within them will be sellable, so you can find them on the Online Marketplace.

Community Market & Packs

Packs are found all throughout Diamond Dynasty as rewards or can be purchased through the store, and the following are currently available: Prospects, The Show, 1st Inning, Headliners, Ballin' is a Habit, and Space 1.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty
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TOP PROSPECTS: These are just one type of Pack available in Diamond Dynasty

There are also varying types of packs that will provide rewards in the form of equipment, stadiums, and other collectibles available in Diamond Dynasty. While regular packs give a random pull, Choice Packs present a series of options and the player gets to choose which of the Choice Pack rewards they receive.

Packs are the most likely way that players will get cards in Diamond Dynasty, but you can also scour the Community Market and spend stubs to buy new players, or sell the ones you have for stubs.

You can view the Community Market in MLB The Show 21, but it's also available to search on The Show's website and Show Zone.

Players who purchased a non-standard edition of MLB The Show 21 will get at least one Diamond Choice Pack, and we've got details on all the players you'll be able to choose from.

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