Stadium Creator gives both freedom and fairness

MLB The Show 21 is now less than a week away with Early Access and just over a week away from the official release date, and excitement is bubbling up for the new Stadium Creator.

This next gen exclusive feature will allow players to create custom ballparks in MLB The Show 21, and it looks like imaginations can run wild without making things unbalanced or unfair.

Stadium Creator let's your imagination take charge

MLB The Show 21 brings in Stadium Creator, and this debut for the series looks to be packed to the brim with possibilities.

MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator Online Offline Props
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PICK YOUR PROP: Display whatever your heart desires in Stadium Creator

There are going to be hundred, maybe even thousands of different props, items, and options throughout Stadium Creator.

Whether you want dinosaurs or spaceships, multiple hot dog stands or a Pride flag, MLB The Show 21 is going to let you create the chaotic or structured stadium your imagination wants to see.

Every mode Stadium Creator will work with

If you're worried your Stadium Creator creations can't be used often, worry not as there are 15 different game modes that Stadium Creator will work with.

Here's each one:

  • Play Now - Exhibition
  • Play Now - Exhibition Live Roster
  • Play Now - Online Rated
  • Play Now - Retro
  • Franchise
  • Road to the Show
  • Diamond Dynasty Online - Ranked Seasons
  • Diamond Dynasty Online - Battle Royale
  • Diamond Dynasty Online - Events
  • Diamond Dynasty Offline - Play vs CPU
  • Diamond Dynasty Offline - Extra Innings
  • Offline Home Run Derby
  • Options Explorer
  • Custom Practice
  • Postseason

Whatever your mind can come up with and create in Stadium Creator can be carried into any of these 15 different game modes.

Every mode Stadium Creator won't work with

While Stadium Creator can be used in lots of places, there are limitations and a handful of game modes your custom ballparks can't go in.

Here's each one:

  • Online Play With Friends
  • Online Home Run Derby
  • March to October
  • Custom Leagues
  • Diamond Dynasty Conquest
  • Diamond Dynasty Showdown
  • Diamond Dynasty Moments
  • Diamond Dynasty Casual

Unfortunately, these eight modes won't support Stadium Creator.

It's also key to remember Stadium Creator only works on next gen platforms, so anyone on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 won't have access to it or be able to play with others online using custom creations.

Wall presets will balance Online Play

There were solid fears when Stadium Creator was first introduced that it could create major issues with Online Play, as players could be able to game the system and make home runs too easy or difficult.

Fortunately, MLB The Show 21 will keep things balanced as developers had that exact issue in mind when crafting Stadium Creator over the last few years.

MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator Online Offline Play
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FAIR AND BALANCED: Stadium Creator won't ruin the competition

The game has 130 different pre-approved wall configurations that can be taken into online play for MLB The Show 21, so players will have several balanced options to choose from.

On top of all the various options, players will still be able to change cosmetic characteristics like the type of material or color of those pre-approved wall configurations.

Ultimately, Stadium Creator is ready to give players new freedoms in MLB The Show 21 without ruining the experience from a competitive standpoint.

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