How to get stubs for MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 21 has been all action since launch, and many players continue to work grinding up Stubs for big rewards in Diamond Dynasty.

While there are many ways to get Stubs in MLB The Show 21, here are some of the best for your time.

Latest - Bruce Sutter Joins the 2nd Inning Player Program

While Stubs are important to pick up important items for your MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty team, it isn't the only way you can bring in awesome players.

MLB The Show 21 Bruce Sutter Diamond Dynasty 2nd Inning Program
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CLOSE OUT: Sutter is a dangerous Closer in MLB The Show 21

The 2nd Inning Player Program has just picked up a brand new star in Chicago Cubs Closer Bruce Sutter.

Sutter can be all yours after completing some challenges!

Here's how to bring him in without breaking your Stubs count.

How to get stubs in MLB The Show 21

You will naturally earn stubs by playing MLB The Show 21, as they are rewards in several game modes and given as you earn XP and level up.

You can also choose to purchase stubs in the marketplace, but this will cost you real-world money and take note that stubs purchased this way are locked to the console you buy them on and won't transfer cross-platform.

While your options are vast to earn stubs, there are a few tried and true ways of going about it that'll net you stubs cheap without too much time investment.

Complete Programs for stubs

Programs are one of your absolute best bets, as all programs have rewards along the way that often include large amounts of stubs.

How to get stubs in MLB The Show 21 Program Rewards
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STEP BY STEP: Each level of the program nets you new rewards

This can be the Team Affinity Program, 1st Inning Program, Player Programs, or others which will also earn you items and packs along the way.

Each has their own individual rewards and challenges, but working your way through these will net you stubs along with several other rewards.

Don't miss out on Daily Missions and Moments

If you can find time to hop onto MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty each day, that will be a big help as the game will constantly dole out new Daily Missions and Daily Moments.

Moments can be a very quick thing to knock out at times, as they've got specific goals and can constantly be restarted if they aren't going as intended.

Missions tend to be a bit more broad, but if you check the details it'll explain which modes to play in order to reap the rewards of completing that Mission.

Conquest has hidden rewards in Diamond Dynasty

Conquest is already one of the best ways to get XP fast in MLB The Show 21, but it'll also be a major boon for stubs and packs in general.

How to get stubs in MLB The Show 21 Hidden Conquest Rewards
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SEIZE CONTROL: Take territories to earn some major rewards

Part of this is because each Conquest map is littered with hidden rewards that you'll earn just for taking over the tile containing it, and this can often be done without ever playing full games.

Make sure to spend some time in Conquest taking as much territory as possible, and this will help you net some very fast rewards.

Use the Marketplace to buy and sell

This can be the most difficult, but also the most lucrative method of earning stubs in MLB The Show 21.

Any time you get items that you don't need, whether they're players, uniforms, anything, head to the Community Marketplace and sell them.

You'll have to make your own calls about sell prices to choose, and whether purchasing something to sell later seems worthwhile, but it can be a huge boost if you get used to working the Marketplace.

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