Who is the best player in your Diamond Choice Pack?

MLB The Show 21 will release in a few short days, but Early Access begins tonight!

If you're looking to get a head start in Diamond Dynasty, players who pre order and score the Diamond Choice Pack can set themselves up for success.

We've got everything you need to decide who your best pick is when you open the Diamond Choice Pack in MLB The Show 21.

Latest - Diamond Dynasty Feature Premiere

New features and details about MLB The Show 21 have been revealed through the last several weeks in each Feature Premiere, and the final one looks at Diamond Dynasty.

You can watch live here and get all the information on Diamond Dynasty as it airs tonight.

We can expect new details on the revamped Prestige system, reveals of 99 OVR players, and much more as MLB The Show 21 prepares to land via Early Access tonight.

All Players in the 42 Series Diamond Choice Pack

At first, only these five players were revealed in the 42 Series Diamond Choice Pack for MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty.

After last night's Feature Premiere, we now know all ten players in the Diamond Choice Pack:

  • Rob Gibson (Starting Pitcher)
  • Jackie Robinson (Second Base)
  • Ken Griffey Jr. (Center Field)
  • Mariano Rivera (Closing Pitcher)
  • Willie Mays (Center Field)
  • Hank Aaron (Right Field)
  • Frank Thomas (First Base)
  • Pedro Martinez (Starting Pitcher)
  • Cal Ripken Jr. (Shortstop)
  • Babe Ruth (Left Field)

This rounds out the grouping and gives players some major options, as well as some exciting and iconic legends to anchor their Diamond Dynasty team in MLB The Show 21 with the help of the Diamond Choice Pack.

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Which player should you pick?

The difficulty of this choice will depend on both which MLB The Show 21 Edition you purchased and what you are most worried about for your Diamond Dynasty team.

If you are getting the Jackie Robinson Edition, you'll have only one Diamond Choice Pack and only one player to choose, but those who get the Digital Deluxe Edition will get two instead.

MLB The Show 21 42 Series Diamond Choice Pack Diamond Dynasty Players Legends
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DIAMOND CHOICE: Make your pick between these Dynasty legends

While none of these Legends would be a bad addition to your Diamond Dynasty team, you're best going with Pedro Martinez, Rob Gibson, or Mariano Rivera if you're looking for a boost out of the gate.

Having a top-notch Starting Pitcher or Closing Pitcher can make a massive difference in a game, which could give players an early edge in Diamond Dynasty for MLB The Show 21.

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