MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty game modes revealed

The last MLB The Show 21 feature premiere stream is in the books, and the game will soon be available via early access!

This stream revealed what players can expect for MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty game modes, and some new adjustments to each of the classics.

Here are the game modes you can enjoy with your MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty squad.

Online Game Modes

These MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty game modes will feature online play against other players.

Battle Royale

Everybody loves a good Battle Royale right?

MLB The Show 21 Battle Royale
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CHICKEN DINNER: MLB The Show 21 brings a whole new meaning to Battle Royale

MLB The Show 21 Battle Royale brings a ton of excitement to Diamond Dynasty. In it, players draft their own teams and battle to make it to the maximum 12 wins before taking on 3 losses. If you do take on 3 losses along the way, your journey ends, and you'll have to start climbing the ladder once again.

In Battle Royale, players will earn Diamond Dynasty rewards for each win they accumulate before notching 3 losses. If you can manage the legendary 12-0, great rewards await.

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Ranked Seasons

For the elite MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty players, the game mode with the most play time will be Ranked Seasons.

This game mode will put players to the test, winning and losing rating based on how they perform.

Ranked Seasons will also adjust the game's difficulty depending on which league you're placed in (and if your opponent is a higher rating, their league instead) - meaning you won't be able to climb off of easy wins.

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MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty constantly has new events that change the way players can build their teams, play the game, and switches up the rewards players can earn in their games.

MLB The Show 21 Events Diamond Dynasty
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WHAT'S NEW?: Events keep things fresh in Diamond Dynasty

These events typically last one or two weeks, and your wins accumulate for short term rewards as well as long term rewards throughout the event (even if you lose and have too reenter).

Events typically offer big rewards for those that can pick up 100 wins with their Diamond Dynasty squad, and that will carry over to MLB The Show 21.


It wouldn't be online play if you couldn't get some practice in against other players before you step into ranked matches - and Casual provides exactly that in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty.

It's certainly not over the top exciting, but this is a great game mode to take advantage of to get some extra practice with your Diamond Dynasty squad in MLB The Show 21, and will be a great first stop for Xbox players new to the series.

Offline Game Modes

These MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty game modes are offline, pitting players against AI opponents in different challenges and scenarios to grind rewards.


MLB The Show 21 meets Risk in the Conquest game mode.

MLB The Show 21 Conquest game mode Diamond Dynasty
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TAKEOVER: Conquest brings some strategy to Diamond Dynasty

Conquest is a strategic game mode in MLB The Show that tasks players with taking over the map, and taking fans along the way as you connect your dynasty against competition.

Conquest will offer some new rewards in MLB The Show 21, including some Prospect packs to level up your team with future greats.

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Showdown brings the Diamond Dynasty draft experience to offline players, and gives it some interesting curveballs that make your decisions matter even more.

Showdown tasks players with completing different challenges on the road to big rewards, and you'll be able to draft new upgrades for your team along the way.


Players looking for some fast upgrades for their MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty squad should look early on to the Moments game mode.

MLB The Show 21 Moments Game Mode 1st Inning Piazza Lofton Valenzuela
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TAKE YOUR PICK: 3 legends await in the first MLB The Show 21 Moments program - 1st Inning

This game mode has been consolidated in MLB The Show 21, to make it much more simple for players to take on challenges and choose one of the bosses at the end of the road.

The first MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Moments set will be First Inning - which can net you a Diamond Mike Piazza, Kenny Lofton, or Fernando Valenzuela if you can make it through!

Extra Innings

If you're looking for some more practice but aren't quite confident taking on players online in Casual just yet - Extra Innings is a great Diamond Dynasty game mode for you.

This game mode will copy the Diamond Dynasty lineups of real players, and imitates their hitting and pitching tendencies so you can practice against them.

Tired of your friend crushing you in Diamond Dynasty? You can put their squad to the test in Extra Innings with an AI at the helm.

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Play vs CPU

If you aren't interested in imitating a specific player in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty practicing against AI, the Play vs CPU is the simple, clean solution.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty game modes
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PLAY BALL: AI can still be a threat in Diamond Dynasty

Jump into this game mode if you're nervous about playing online and still want some base-level practice with MLB The Show 21 and your Diamond Dynasty squad.

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