Best upcoming PC games 2020 - Cyberpunk 2077, Half-Life, Death Stranding & more

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2020 is set to be an absolutely huge year for gamers, as we look forward to a whole host of new games and next-gen consoles.

However, the PC gaming community will also have some gaming delights to get stuck in to.

Prequels and sequels to critically acclaimed games are on the way, whilst new titles will look to break onto the scene.

Here is RealSport's list of the top ten PC games set for release in 2020.

Warcraft III: Reforged

Release date: 28 JanuaryDeveloper: Blizzard Entertainment

Price: £24.99

A HUGE remastering that has already arrived is Warcraft III: Reforged.A remastered version of the 2003 hit-strategy game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Reforged will retain the gameplay of the original title, however, it will come with improved graphics amongst a whole range of other capabilities.

The game has already received some pretty horrific reviews in its first week since launch, so we hope the developers sort out the bug fixes as soon as possible.

Doom Eternal

Release date: 20 March

Developer: id Software

Price: £44.99

2020 will also see the latest release in the shooting franchise Doom, with the fifth instalment, Doom Eternal, due for release in March.

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You will once again take control of Doom Slayer as you aim to tackle the unwanted visitors from Hell. You will once again be instructed to take the fight to the enemies, with a focus on aggressive combat.

There will be a whole load of new demons to tackle too, with creative director Hugo Martin claiming that there will be 'twice as many demon types as in the 2016 reboot'.

Half-Life: Alyx

Release date: March 2020Developer: Valve

Price: £39.99

Looking at the virtual reality market now with the pending release of the VR first-person shooter, Half Life: Alyx.

You will take control of Alyx Vance, an ally of Half-Life 2 protagonist Gordon Freeman, and team up with her father Eli as you battle the alien empire the Combine, who have conquered the Earth.

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In order to play the game, users will require a PC-compatible VR headset.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Release date: March 2020

Developer: TaleWorlds Entertainment

Price: £49.99

March 2020, the month that fans will finally get access to the long-awaited Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord.

First announced way back in 2012, the game will take place 210 years before its predecessor, Mount and Blade but will require players to use the same strategic elements in the original title in order to succeed on the battlefield.

Empire of Sin

Release date: Spring 2020

Developer: Romero Games

Price: TBC

An old-school mob boss game that is exciting gamers ahead of its release this year is Emire of Sin.

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A real-time simulation game, players will be tasked with taking control of a crime boss in the American Prohibition era, beginning in 1920 with the aim of taking control of Chicago by 1933.

You will compete against other bosses as you aim to create the ultimate empire!

Death Stranding

Release date: Q2/Q3 2020Developer: Kojima Productions

Price: TBC

After a successful release on PS4 in late 2019, Kojima Productions Death Stranding is set for release on PC later this year.

Death Stranding is an action game set in an open world, with players tasked with taking control of courier Sam Porter Bridges, whose job is to deliver supply cargo to the KNOTs - a series of isolated cities - and connect them to the central communications system, Chiral Network.

The PS4 version of the game received hit reviews and sales, particularly in Asia but it also reached number two in the UK physical sales chart in its debut week.

Cyberpunk 2077

Release date: 17 September

Developer: CD Projekt

Price: £49.99

From the developers of smash hit action-role playing title The Witcher comes the upcoming role-playing video game, Cyberpunk 2077.

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Players take control of ‘V’, their own full customisable mercenary in an open world, non-linear RPG game mode. You will have to work through a number of different missions, quests and objectives in order to progress through the game.

Oh, and V has Keanu Reeves living inside his head.

Dying Light 2

Release date: TBC

Developer: Techland

Price: TBC

A good five years on from the release of the critically acclaimed Dying Light comes its sequel, Dying Light 2.

The game will be another zombie apocalyptic themed action-role playing game, with gamers taking control of Aiden Caldwell who possesses’ all the parkour skills found in the original Dying Light and more.

The games exact release date is yet to be confirmed but we do know that it will hit the shelves in spring of this year.

Halo Infinite

Release date: Q4 2020

Developer: 343 Industries

Price: TBC

2020 will allow fans of the 'Halo Reclaimer Saga' the opportunity to tackle the third instalment of the franchise, Halo Infinite.

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The story of Master Chief continues in the latest release, however, it is believed that he will play a much more central role than in Halo 5: Guardians as the game looks to take a 'much more human approach'.

Fans will be pleased to hear that split-screen will be back in Halo Infinite after many fans complained following its removal in Halo 5.

Watch Dogs Legion

Release date: TBCDeveloper: Ubisoft Toronto

Price: 2020-21

It seems crazy to think that it has been some four years since the release of the critically acclaimed Watch Dogs 2 yet that is the case.

However, in what seems to be the year of sequels, we will see the release of the third instalment in the Watch Dogs series, Watch Dogs Legion.

The third-person action-adventure game will be set in a fictional world resembling London and focuses on the efforts of hacking group DedSec who are aiming to regain control of the United Kingdom by dislodging an authoritarian regime who have taken over the country.

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