Halo Infinite: Absolutely everything there is to know – release date, gameplay, E3 trailer, beta, multiplayer, PC, Xbox One, Project Scarlett, news & more

Microsoft gave us our first brief look at Halo Infinite, delivering a five-minute trailer at E3 2019.

343 Industries have built a brand new engine for Halo Infinite, resulting in a new graphical style and a host of other changes.

We are going to have to wait until release to see the upgraded mechanics, but it may not be as far off as you think.

Though the number has been ditched from the title, Halo Infinite is still considered to be the next step in Master Chief’s story progression.

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Continue reading for more information on the release date, multiplayer, micro-transactions and everything else.

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Release date

Halo Infinite will release around the winter holidays in 2020, though we don’t have an exact date for you yet.  

The upcoming chapter of Master Chief’s story will feature on PC, Xbox One and Project Scarlett

Microsoft confirmed at their press conference at E3 this year that Halo Infinite would be a launch title for its next-generation console, Project Scarlett. 


Halo Infinite is for Windows 10 as well as Xbox.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is heading to PC this year, and it is refreshing to see Microsoft finally getting behind Halo on PC in a big way. 

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Judging by Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4 and Sea of Thieves, cross-platform multiplayer could also be on the cards.

E3 2019 trailer

We finally got a lengthy trailer at E3 for Halo Infinite, but it’s not quite what we expected. 

It starts with a UNSC soldier in space in a Pelican, with Master Chief making an appearance later in the clip.

Sadly, there’s no gameplay, but there’s still plenty to scrutinize, including some loaded Cortana voiceover and a fractured Halo ring


343 Industries has said that it intends to develop Halo Infinite alongside its community. 

Rather than just releasing a beta for a couple of weeks, the studio is planning a flighting program, releasing different parts of the game for the community to test out.

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There’s no date for when this will begin.

Armour customisation

Fans of Halo: Reach’s armour customization will be pleased by Halo Infinite, as it will have the same depth. 

In Reach, players could unlock individual armour pieces all the way down to their shoulder pads – a level of attention to detail that was lost in Halo 5.

Other news

Forge mode is back.

This time, Skybox Labs is leading the development of Forge.

This studio was responsible for Halo 5’s map-making tool, so those looking for authenticity should be delighted.

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There may be micro-transactions, and there won’t be a battle royale mode.

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