LATEST Minecraft 1.18 Update Release Time: When Can You Play Caves & Cliffs Part 2?

Minecraft has really come a long way since its launch and Minecraft 1.18 is just one more step in that process. Luckily, you can play the update for yourself right now.

Latest - Minecraft 1.18 out now

Minecraft 1.18, otherwise known as Caves and Cliffs part two, is finally out worldwide. You can play it in Java or Bedrock right now.

Below is all the information given prior to release alongside information and prereleases and release candidates.

Minecraft 1.18 Release Date

This update has been teased for months. Ever since Caves and Cliffs was split into two central parts, we've known what the plans for 1.18 have been. We can finally play it for ourselves on November 30th.

This is only one of many huge updates planned for the game going forward.

Minecraft 1.18 Release Time

We don't have an official release time for the update just yet. That being said, we may have an idea if we look at the release of caves and cliffs part one.

It was released at around 10 am PST / 6 pm GMT the day of release. This being said, it was delayed a little from the time expected. If it doesn't come at the time above, give it another hour to go live. They likely won't delay anything intentionally now.

Therefore, we expect Minecraft's 1.18 update release time to be 12pm ET/5pm GMT on November 30 or up to an hour later, so you'll be able to play Caves and Cliffs Part 2 then.

Can you play it early?

You can play Minecraft 1.18 early right now. The release candidate is a way for players to get access to the update for testing purposes.

Generally, players on Minecraft Java can test it out and report any issues they come across. They work as a community-wide QA tester.

It is recommended to not do this with worlds you care about greatly as there's always a small chance it could mess with it. If you really want to play an old world, make sure you have a backup somewhere.

This being said, the update is out very soon so it's likely not worth your time to get in there now.

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