Minecraft 1.18 How to Find Noise Caves

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Minecraft has gotten so much bigger this year. With both parts of Caves and Cliffs and hints at the future of the game, there's so much to prepare for. Here's what you should know about noise caves.

Minecraft - What are Noise Caves?

Noise caves are a little bit more of a technical term for the way caves will generate going forward. Effectively, there are now a handful of central ways you will find caves going forward.


Here are all of the different types of caves you can find.

Minecraft Cheese Cave

Cheese Caves are caves that contain pockets of space and open areas. These will be the largest caves you can find and is a great find of finding ore.


These are the best caves to explore as they can be a bit harder to get lost in. Open areas allow you to build small landmarks and place strategic torches to make your way back home again.

Minecraft Spaghetti Cave

Spaghetti Caves are long interconnecting caves that tend to come from cheese caves into other areas.

These tend to be a bit narrow but not quite long enough to get too confusing just yet.


Minecraft Noodle Cave

Noodle Caves are the even smaller form of a Spaghetti Cave.

These are the last thing you should explore when you're in a cave system.

Minecraft Aquifer

The final cave system, the Aquifer is a flooded cave system. Generally, they have some ores but aren't the best choice if you're looking to get some nice loot.


If you're looking for a good source of water underground, keep these in mind.

How to find them

The thing about noise caves is you often don't have to go looking for them to find them. Just start digging in any direction and you will hit them eventually.


Once you've hit on a spaghetti or cheese cave, search around for more extensions and they will often tie into each other.