Patrick Mahomes revealed as the best Quarterback in Madden 24

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes
Credit: App Trigger

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes
Credit: App Trigger

Madden 24 is one of the most awaited games of 2023. The title will introduce many new features. These features have left players eager to try the game out, as they massively improve the player's immersion.

A lot of new information about Madden 24 has been released recently. This includes the ratings of the best WRs, Safeties, Defensive Linemen, Offensive Linemen, RB, Edge Rushers, Tight Ends, and Cornerbacks.

The Quarterbacks' ratings have also been revealed, and the top ten list contains surprises. Patrick Mahomes secured first place, but what players make up the rest of the list?

Let's find that out below.

Patrick Mahomes (99 OVR)

When it's all said and done, Patrick Mahomes will be in the pantheon of NFL QBs. The Kansas City Chiefs superstar player get's better every year, and is regarded as Tom Brady's successor.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Madden 24
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In the 2022 season, Mahomes had a 67% pass completion, 5250 passing yards, and delivered 41 touchdown passes. These incredible numbers helped the Chiefs secure another Super Bowl. Mahomes also won the Super Bowl MVP and NFL MVP.

His passing stats in Madden 24 are astonishing, as expected. Mahomes has a cannon arm, which allows him to throw deep and accurate passes with ease. He is also great at reading the defense and finding the open man.

Joe Burrow (95 OVR)

In the 2022 season, Joe Burrow cemented himself as a top-three QB in the league. He proved that he is indeed a superstar player and that while the Bengals have him, a Super Bowl win is just around the corner.

Similar to Mahomes, Burrow has some impressive passing attributes and is also quite fast in Madden 24. However, Mahomes is superior in the agility, awareness and athleticism department.

Josh Allen (94 OVR)

Josh Allen is the face of Madden 24, so many fans expected him to have a higher rating. Allen had a good 2022 season, having 63% pass completion, 4283 passing yards, and 35 touchdown passes.

A 93 OVR is still pretty good, and Allen also has some great attributes. His passing is great, especially his long throws. What differentiates Allen from Burrow and Mahomes, is that he is a dual-threat quarterback. He is a great passer and a good runner/ball carrier.

Lamar Jackson (91 OVR)

Lamar Jackson is the most unique quarterback in the NFL. He is by far the best running QB in the league, with incredible speed and agility. However, Jackson has also become a good passer, making him a dual-threat quarterback, just like Allen.

In Madden 24, Jackson is lightning-fast, astonishingly athletic, and is great at seeing the opening in the defense. Jackson's ball carrier attributes are also incredible.

Jalen Hurts (88 OVR)

After a spectacular 2022 season, Jalen Hurts 88 OVR seems too low. Hurts had 3701 passing yards, and 22 touchdown passes. He also showed he is the master of the quarterback sneak.

Hurts is a good passer and a spectacular ball carrier, making him a dual-threat quarterback. He is also quite fast, agile, and strong. This makes Hurts a very hard to QB to play against in Madden 24.

Justin Herbert (87 OVR)

Justin Herbert is coming off a good 2022 season. Despite not being able to win a playoff game, and throwing fewer touchdown passes than in 2021, is game clearly evolved.

Quarterback Justin Herbert
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In Madden 24, Herbert is a well-rounded quarterback. His accuracy in short passes is spectacular, and he has a very strong arm. Herbert is also good at delivering accurate passes while under pressure and throwing while on the run.

Dak Prescott (87 OVR)

The 2022 season was not a great one for Dak Prescott. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback threw a career-high 15 interceptions. He also only had 2860 passing yards, the second lowest in his career.

When it comes to his Madden 24 attributes, Prescott is a good passer but isn't that athletic or agile. At least not when compared to the top five QB in the game. Prescott's ball carrier abilities are decent, and he is quite strong for a QB.

Aaron Rodgers (86 OVR)

Aaron Rodgers might not be in his prime, but he is still one of the best QBs in the NFL. Rodgers is a spectacular passer, that can make deep throws and perform under pressure.

However, when it comes to his speed, acceleration, and agility, Rodgers leaves a lot to be desired. He is a one-dimensional quarterback in the game, making him more predictable to play against.

Kirk Cousins (84 OVR)

Just like Rodgers, Kirk Cousins is also a very experienced player. Despite the playoff loss, Cousins had a good 2022 season. His Madden 24 attributes are also extremely similar to the ones of Rodgers.

Kirk Cousins Quarterback
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Credit: Minnesota Vikings

Cousins is a good passer but isn't fast, agile, or athletic. His running game is pretty much non-existential. So, to find success with Cousins, you need to use his passing ability to its most.

Tua Tagovailoa (83 OVR)

Last but not least, we have Tua Tagovailoa. The Miami Dolphins quarterback closes out this top ten. Just like the two previous QBs, Tagovailoa's biggest asset, it's his passing.

However, he is much faster, more agile, and more athletic than Rodgers or Cousins. His ball carrier ability is also decent, allowing you to do some running plays with him.

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