Madden 24: Best Wide Receivers

Madden 24 Best Wide Receivers

Madden 24 Best Wide Receivers

Madden 24 release date is inching closer and closer, and with it, plenty of new information is constantly being released.

The game has already announced many new features. Changes to the Franchise and Superstar mode are coming, with new mini-games and even more customization. This will improve the player's gaming experience and immersion.

However, what most fans really want to know is the players' ratings. The ratings help users select which players to use. They also help fans decide which superstar player they will build their team around.

So, let's check out the ten best wide receivers in Madden 24.

Best Wide Receivers in Madden 24

We finally have the official ratings for the best WD in Madden 24. These ratings have some huge surprises, with some games being much lower than expected.

So, let's find out who makes the list of the best WD in Maden 24.

Justin Jefferson (99 OVR)

Minnesota Vikings' young star Justin Jefferson is the best wide receiver in Madden 24. Justin Jefferson has the highest possible rating in the game at 99 OVR and possesses some incredible attributes.

Justin Jefferson Madden 24
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He has an incredible 92 speed and an amazing 93 acceleration. Jefferson is also great at running short and medium routes. With Jefferson on your squad, you will always have one man open. He is capable of speeding past defenders and reaching the endzone in no time.

Tyreek Hill (98 OVR)

The Miami Dolphins superstar and one-time Super Bowl champion Tyreek Hill comes in second place. Hill is the fastest wide receiver in the game, with an astonishing 99-speed and acceleration attribute. This makes him almost impossible to stop.

He is good at running short and medium routes. Hill has a 93-catching attribute, meaning he can catch the ball even when great defenders are covering him.

Devante Adams (97 OVR)

With a 97 OVR, Devante Adams is the second-best wide receiver in Madden 24. The Las Vegas Raiders superstar is fast, and when he takes off is very hard to stop him.

Similar to Jefferson, he is also great at running short and medium routes. He can get open easily and will gain you plenty of yards. Adams will also catch almost any ball thrown his way.

Stefon Diggs (96 OVR)

The Bills Mafia will be very pleased to see Stefon Diggs's rating in Madden 24. With a 96 OVR, Diggs sits as the fourth-best wide receiver in the game. Diggs is incredibly fast, with 92 speed, and is also quick to reach his maximum speed thanks to his 94 acceleration.

His catching ability is impressive, to say the least, and he is elite at running short and medium routes. Diggs is a player you definitely want to have in your team.

Cooper Kupp (96 OVR)

The hero of Super Bowl LVI and Rams legend, Cooper Kupp is once again among the best wide receivers in Madden. He might not be as fast as Hill, but he also has an insane 96 acceleration.

Cooper Kupp Madden 24
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When it comes to running short and medium routes, no one does it better than Cooper Kupp. If you need to desperately gain some yards, and reach first down then Kupp is your guy.

Jamarr Chase (94 OVR)

Despite only being 23 years of age, Jamarr Chase is already one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. He is a very well-rounded player, with good speed, acceleration and catching. So, it's surprising to see Chase in sixth place on this list.

He might not be at an elite level like Kupp when it comes to running short and medium routes, but he is still proficient in both. Chase is spectacular at getting open and will help yous score plenty of touchdowns.

DeAndre Hopkins (93 OVR)

DeAndre Hopkins is a very well-rounded player. Hopkins excels at hard catches, and is also great at running short routes. However, he is not the fastest player.

Terry McLaurin (92 OVR)

Terry McLaurin had a good 2022 season and was rewarded with a 92 OVR. McLaurin is very fast, with his speed being comparable with the one of Tyreek Hill.

Madden 24 Terry McLaurin
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However, McLaurin's 98-catching attribute is what makes him an elite wide receiver in the game.

AJ Brown (91 OVR)

AJ Brown has developed into one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. In 2022, he had a career year, making the Second-team All-Pro, and the Pro Bowl. Brown is fast and doesn't take much time to reach his max speed.

The Philadelphia Eagles player is great in short routes, and decent in medium ones. He also thrives under pressure and has the ability to make some hard catches.

Amari Cooper (91 OVR)

Amari Cooper is the tenth-best WR in Madden 24. The Cleveland Browns player is fast, very agile, and has great field awareness. Cooper can also make some difficult catches and has an 89 acceleration.

However, he is not very strong, with just 68 strength, and 72 carrying. Stronger defenders will easily tackle Cooper if they can catch him up.

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