Zack Martin revealed as the best Offensive Linemen in Madden 24

Zack Martin in Madden 24
Credit: Around The NF

Zack Martin in Madden 24
Credit: Around The NF

Madden 24 is one of the most anticipated games of 2023. The title will introduce some exciting new features. These features have left players eager to try the game out.

A lot of new information about Madden 24 has been released recently. This includes the ratings of the best WRs, Safeties, Defensive Linemen, and Edge Rushers.

The Offensive Linemen ratings have also been released, and the top ten list might contain some surprises. Zack Martin sits on the throne, but what players make up the rest of the list?

Let's find that out below.

Zack Martin (99 OVR)

Zack Martin has made history, becoming the first Offensive Linemen since 2003 to enter the Madden 99 Club. The Dallas Cowboys superstar is without a doubt the best player in his position.

He has earned the respect and admiration of his peers. Every QB in the NFL would love to have someone like Martin watching his back.

Zack Martin Madden 24
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Martin is a spectacular blocker, that protects his QB from the best edge rushers in the game. He is also great at clearing a path for running backs, making their job much easier.

All of this makes Martin the undisputed best Offensive Linemen in Madden 24.

Trent Williams (98 OVR)

When we are talking about great Offensive Linemen, Trent William's name needs to be mentioned. The San Francisco 49ers player has some incredible attributes in Madden 24. These attributes make him the second-best Offensive Linemen in the game.

Williams is very strong and has some exceptional blocking stats. Especially in the run and pass block attributes. He is also quite fast for an Offensive.

Lane Johnson (98 OVR)

Lane Johnson is a very experienced player, that is entering his 11th NFL season He has an illustrious career and is wildly respected across the league.

The Philadelphia Eagles player is one of the best blockers in the league. In Madden 24, that is no different, with Johnson having great running and passing block attributes.

Johnson also has decent speed, great strength, and is quite agile.

Laremy Tunsil (95 OVR)

Laremy Tunsil had a great 2022 season, making the Pro Bowl for the third time in his career.

The Houston Texans' star player is far from being the fastest Offensive Linemen in the game. However, Tunsil is incredibly strong, with his toughness attribute also being quite high. Furthermore, Tunsil is also a spectacular pass blocker.

Chris Lindstrom (93 OVR)

Chris Lindstrom had a career year in 2022. He made the Pro Bowl and the second-team All-Pro.

Offensive Linemen Chris Lindstrom
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Credit: Falcons Wire - USA Today

Similar to Tunsil, Lindstrom is also a good pass-blocker. However, he is slightly faster than Tunsil, and a little bit more agile as well. Lindstrom is also very strong.

Joel Bitonio (92 OVR)

Bitonio has been one of the best Offensive Linemen in the league for quite some time. In Madden 24, he has a 92 OVR and misses the top five for very little.

He is a great pass-blocker and is also very strong. Bitonio's speed, acceleration, and agility are also quite impressive. He is a great all-around player.

Tristan Wirfs (92 OVR)

In a list full of experienced players, Tristan Wirfs can be considered the new kid on the block. That's despite the fact he is entering his fourth NFL season.

Wirfs is a great all-around player. He has great blocking attributes, decent speed and acceleration, and an above-average strength attribute.

Quenton Nelson (92 OVR)

Quenton Nelson is a good all-around player, that lacks in the speed and acceleration departments. His agility attribute is also quite low, especially when compared to the other players on this list.

Offensive Linemen Quenton Nelson
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However, Nelson is a great blocker and is extremely strong.

Jason Kelce (92 OVR)

Jason Kelce is coming from a great 2022 season. So, many fans were expecting a higher rating for the Philadelphia Eagles superstar player.

He is arguably the most balanced player on this list. Kelce has some great blocking attributes, and decent speed, acceleration, agility, and awareness.

Andrew Thomas (92 OVR)

Similar to Wirfs, Andrew Thomas is also a young and talented player. However, they have very different characteristics.

Offensive Linemen Andrew Thomas
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Thomas is a slower player, with low speed and acceleration. He is quite strong, but his run-block attribute is not that good. However, his pas-block attribute is incredible.

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