Nick Chubb revealed as the best Running Back in Madden 24

Nick Chubb Running Back Madden 24
Credit: PFF

Nick Chubb Running Back Madden 24
Credit: PFF

Madden 24 is one of the most anticipated games of 2023. The title will introduce some exciting new features. These features have left players eager to try the game out.

A lot of new information about Madden 24 has been released recently. This includes the ratings of the best WRs, Safeties, Defensive Linemen, and Edge Rushers.

The Running Backs ratings have also been released, and the top ten list might contain some surprises. Nick Chubb sits on the throne, but what players make up the rest of the list?

Let's find that out below.

Nick Chubb (97 OVR)

A running back needs to be fast, strong, and have a good balance. Nick Chubb is all of that and even more. The Cleveland Browns superstar player had an incredible 2022-2023 season. He had 1525 rushing yards, and 12 touchdowns.

Running Back Nick Chubb
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Credit: Cleveland Browns

Chubb is well respected and feared in the league. He is an unstoppable player, that can brute force his way into the end zone.

It's extremely hard to tackle Chubb, or even unbalance him. To actually stop him, you will need more than just two good defenders. That's because Chubb is incredibly strong and great at avoiding tackles.

Christian McCaffrey (96 OVR)

There is no doubt that Christian McCaffrey is an elite running back. The San Francisco 49ers player had a great 2022 season, with 1139 rushing yards, and 8 touchdowns.

McCaffrey is not a spectacular rusher like Chubb, but he is by far the best receiving back in the game. This is what separates him from other running backs, and makes him more valuable than most players in his position.

Josh Jacobs (95 OVR)

Josh Jacobs had a career year in 2022 and cemented himself as a top-three running back. He made the first-team All-Pro, the Pro Bowl, won the Jim Brown award, and was the NFL rushing yards leader.

Jacobs is extremely hard to tackle, and that explains why he had 1653 rushing yards last year. He also had an impressive 12 touchdowns. Jacobs is a great ball carrier, who always finds the gap on the defense.

Derrick Henry (94 OVR)

Derrick Henry has been one of the best running backs in the league for quite some time. The Tennessee Titans superstar player has played a huge role in the franchise's recent success. With a healthy Henry, the Titans always have a good shot at a championship.

Last season, Henry had an astonishing 1538 rushing yards, and an equally impressive 13 touchdowns. So, a 94 OVR seems more than appropriate.

Saquon Barkley (93 OVR)

Saquon Barkley is the biggest enigma of the 2023 NFL offseason. The superstar player is in a stalemate with the New York Giants about his contract extension. There is even a good chance that he sits out the 2023 season.

Running Back Saquon Barkley
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Credit: Fox News

This would be a huge loss for the New York team. Barkley was the main force behind the Giants' offense last season, having 1312 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns. He is a very fast and agile player, that is hard to tackle.

Dalvin Cook (91 OVR)

Dalvin Cook had a pretty good 2022 season, making his fourth consecutive Pro Bowl. He had 1173 rushing yards, meaning it was the fourth straight season he surpassed the 1k rushing yards mark. Furthermore, he had 8 touchdowns.

He is one of the hottest free agents on the market, and the numbers mentioned above explain why. Cook is a great receiver as well, making him an even more valuable player. Having a player like him on your team can help you win many games.

Austin Ekeler (89 OVR)

Austin Ekeler had a career year in 2022, with 915 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns. He has good speed, acceleration, and decent strength attributes in Madden 24.

Ekeler is also very agile, athletic, and is a spectacular ball carrier.

Jonathan Taylor (89 OVR)

Jonathan Taylor is looking to have a bounce-back season in 2023. The Indianapolis Colts superstar had a massive production drop last year. He went from 1811 rushing yards to just 861.

Despite that, Taylor is still one of the most electrifying running backs in the league. In Madden 24, he possesses some great attributes, excelling in the speed, acceleration and agility departments.

Tony Pollard (88 OVR)

Contrary to Taylor, Tony Pollard saw his production increase massively. The Dallas Cowboys player had a fantastic 1007 rushing yards. It was the first time in his career that he surpassed the 1k rushing yards mark.

Running Back Tony Pollard
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Credit: ESPN

He is not the strongest player, but Pollard's quickness is impressive. If he gets a clear path, it's almost impossible to stop him.

Aaron Jones (88 OVR)

Jones is coming from a good 2022 season. Despite having 1121 rushing yards, he only scored 2 touchdowns. He is incredibly fast, agile, and good at finding openings on the defense.

The Green Bay Packers superstar is also good at avoiding tackles, or keeping his balance when hit. Expect him to cause your defense plenty of problems.

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