Best Defensive Linemen in Madden 24

Best Defensive Linemen in Madden 24

Best Defensive Linemen in Madden 24

Madden 24 hype is growing at a fast pace, with fans more eager than ever to play the game. A lot of new information about the title has been released recently, including the ratings of the best WR and Safeties.

This time, EA Sports announced the best Defensive Linemen in Madden 24. This list is full of star players, that can provide any squad with a huge defensive boost.

Hall-of-Famer Aaron Donald sits on the throne, but what players make up the rest of the list? Let's find that out right now.

Aaron Donald (99 OVR)

Aaron Donald is a first-ballot Hall of Famer and one of the best to ever enter a football field. Donald has been dominating the league for the past couple of years, earning the respect and fear of his peers.

Aaron Donald Madden 24
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Despite not having a great 2022-2023 season, Donald is still a force to be reckoned with. That's why he is once again a 99 OVR, and became the player with the most appearances in the Madden 99 club.

If you want to instil fear in the heart of your opponents and dominate on defense, Aaron Donald is the perfect player for you.

Chris Jones (96 OVR)

Chris Jones is an integral part of the Kansas City Chiefs dynasty. The superstar Defensive Linemen had a fantastic 2022-2023 season. He had 15 sacks, 44 tackles, and two forced fumbles.

Jones played a huge role in the Chiefs' Super Bowl LVII win, recording three tackles in the decisive game. He is strong, fast, a good blocker, and a great tackler.

Dexter Lawrence II (94 OVR)

Dexter Lawrence, or "Sexy Dexy" as he is known, comes from a good 2022-2023 season. Lawrence had seven sacks in the season and helped the Giants reach the NFC East finals

Lawrence is an extremely strong player, a decent blocker, and a good tackler. He is the third-best Madden 24 Defensive Linemen, with a 94 OVR.

Quinnen Williams (93 OVR)

Since arriving at the league, Quinnen Williams has cemented himself as an elite Defensive Linemen. That's why the Jets were quick to lock him this off-season. Williams is already one of the best Defensive Linemen in the league, and he will only get better.

So, a 93 OVR rating looks fitting for a player that is already one of the best in his position.

Cameron Heyward (93 OVR)

Cameron Heyward had an impressive 2022 season. The Pittsburgh Steelers stars recorded more than 10 sacks for the second straight season.

Cameron Heyward
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Credit: Behind the Steel Curtain

Most NFL players and coaches see Heyward as the second-best Defensive Linemen in the NFL. That's because of his insane strength, blocking, and tackling. So, a rating of 93 seems a little bit too low for him.

Jonathan Allen (92 OVR)

Jonathan Allen is one of the best tacklers in the league. The Washington Commanders star has 93 strength and 95 awareness. With such a high awareness, it's very hard for opponents to pass through him.

Allen also has decent speed, acceleration, and agility.

Jeffery Simmons (89 OVR)

The Tennessee Titans defensive star had a great 2022 season. He made the second-team All-Pro and the Pro Bowl. He had 54 tackles, seven sacks, and one fumble.

Simmons is a great blocker, having an 86 block on Madden 24, and is exceptionally strong, with 97 strength. He can stop the run game with ease and is a great Defensive Linemen to have on your squad.

Vita Vea (88 OVR)

Vita Vea is a very experienced player. Despite only being 27 years old, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star has already achieved plenty of accolades. His last season was decent, with Vea recording 15 tackles and six sacks.

Vita Vea
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Credit: Reuters

He is extremely strong, with a 98-strength attribute that allows him to easily knock down opponents. Vea also has an incredible field awareness, that helps him to always be at the right spot at the right time.

D. J. Reader (87 OVR)

D. J. Reader comes in ninth place, with a 87 OVR. The Cincinnati Bengals player recorded 18 tackles last season and forced one fumble. Similar to Vita Vea, he is very strong and has great field awareness.

Christian Wilkins (86 OVR)

Last but not least, we have Christian Wilkins. The young star had an impressive 59 tackles last season, forced two fumbles, and had two sacks. He is very strong, athletic, a good blocker, and has high stamina.

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