Madden 22: Ultimate Team features finally revealed

Madden 22 is just a week away from an EA Play Trial launch and will arrive at an official release date and worldwide launch soon after.

Ultimate Team remains a fan favorite game mode, and we're finally learning what MUT 22 will look like in Madden 22, as well as some things that won't be in the demo.

Madden 22: Ultimate Team features announced, EA Play Trial missing content

Madden 22 will go live on August 12 via an EA Play trial, or EA Play Pro Early Access for PC players, and we're finally learning about the new features arriving this year.

Strategy Items will be crucial to the game mode, and new additions like Halftime Adjustments will integrate even more planning.

MUT 22 Strategy Items Madden 22 Ultimate Team
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ALL ABOUT STRATEGY: These items will be crucial in MUT 22

However, some pieces of content will remain locked during the initial EA Play Trial period, particularly Superstars.

Superstars of Madden Ultimate Team will consist of players pre-equipped with Superstar Abilities and X Factors, and you'll get to test them out in special Challenges.

Unfortunately, this exciting piece of content won't arrive until the worldwide launch on August 20, but players with the EA Play Trial will still be able to enjoy the rest of Ultimate Team during that initial window.

All New MUT 22 Features Revealed

These details about MUT 22 come from a brand-new Gridiron Notes release by EA, and we've got a lot of different things coming this year.

Strategy Items

In MUT 22, Strategy Items will aim to simplify the existing chemistry system, removing most chemistries from players and instead allowing you to build up the power of a fully chemistried team with these items.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team Strategy Items MUT
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ALL ABOUT THE PLAN: Get your strategy set before the game begins

Players will have more than one Strategy slot, allowing you to choose new combinations and find just the right mix that makes you unstoppable in Ultimate Team.

Strategy Items could include multiple attribute boosts for a single player, or ones that more broadly affect the team, and these items should continue to evolve after launch.

Halftime Adjustments

While X Factors and Abilities aren't a new addition to Ultimate Team, there is a new angle for things in that you'll get to alter them with Halftime Adjustments.

Players will get to adjust when abilities are activated during halftime, with 30 seconds to make changes during H2H modes and 60 seconds to change things up when playing against the CPU.

Stats on Items

In a new addition to Ultimate Team, there will now be tracked stats on each unique player item representing the in-game accomplishments you've managed with the item.

This will get taken up a notch with Next Gen Stats on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, but will still be available in a simpler stat form on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Stadia.

New MUT Hub & UI

While maybe not the sexiest new feature, the creation of a new Hub for Madden 22 Ultimate Team with an upgraded user interface should make a net positive impact for players.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team MUT 22 Hub UI
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VIRTUAL LOCKER ROOM: The MUT Hub is new and improved

The goal they've set is to make navigating MUT easier, which will hopefully ring true once the title is available.

Ultimate Season

MUT Level is seeing some changes this year, with a frequently updated group of Daily and Weekly Objectives to help you level up throughout the season.

However, every few months EA plans to institute a new season and reset MUT Levels with new objectives and rewards coming in along the way.

Dynamic Gameday Integration

While you won't have Home Field Advantage when playing in MUT 22, they have chosen to add some of the less powerful M-Factors in, and the following will be enabled in MUT 22 at launch:

  • Instinct - Defense can see Home/Away Team's intended pass target
  • Hold the Line – Home/Away Team has improved blocking
  • Adrenaline – Home/Away Team has infinite stamina during plays
  • Shook - Offensive play art is distorted for the Home/Away Team
  • Zoned out – Home/Away Team players cannot enter The Zone
  • High and Tight – Home/Away Team has a greatly reduced fumble chance
  • Unstoppable – Home/Away Team players cannot be knocked out of The Zone
  • Check Down – Home/Away Team QB has trouble seeing deeper receivers

The Campaign

Everything has a beginning, and in MUT 22 that beginning is The Campaign, which will be an initial set of missions and challenges to tackle.

MUT 22 Madden 22 Ultimate Team The Campaign
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THE CAMPAIGN: Build your squad from the ground up

You'll be able to earn an Elite upgradeable Team Captain, an Elite Pack, and more than 20 other players in The Campaign to build the foundation of your Ultimate Team.

Team Affinity

If you love to build a theme team based on your favorite franchise, rejoice in the return of Team Affinity for MUT 22.

Once again you'll be able to go through the program to earn new players from your favorite NFL squad, building out an Ultimate Team of the best in franchise history.

EA Play Challenges

If you hop into Madden 22 with Early Access either via EA Play Pro on PC, or by pre ordering one of the special editions, you'll get some special tasks as an EA Play subscriber.

MUT 22 EA Play Challenges Madden 22 Ultimate Team
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THE GOAT: Take on the biggest moments in Mahomes' career

These unique challenges will have you recreate key moments from the careers of cover athletes Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, with special rewards up for grabs.

Gridiron Forge

With a set of challenges set to escalate in difficulty and refresh each month, Gridiron Forge will be the place you test your mettle as you make progress.

Succeeding can earn rewards such as a 75+ OVR Gold Player pack, a Pro Fantasy pack, a Gridiron pack, an 87+ OVR NAT player of the month, and an Elite Pack.

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