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Here's how you can get early access to Madden 22

Madden 22 is scheduled for a release date just over a month away, but you can start even sooner than that if you're able to get Early Access.

We've got all the info you need to get Madden 22 Early Access and start playing as soon as possible!

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How do you get Early Access to Madden 22?

With the official release date set for August 20, 2021, players are looking for ways to play Madden early.

Buffalo Bills player Stefon Diggs makes a cut and charges downfield.
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DIGGS: Madden 22 is offering early access to the new title

There are a couple of different ways to do this though, number one is through EA Play.

EA Play Trial will be available to subscribers

Subscribers to EA Play will be able to play the trial version of Madden 22 on August 12, 2021.

This is the best way to start playing early although it's unclear whether it will be the full version of the game.


The Madden 22 beta, which has already concluded, offered a limited experience that left out Face of the Franchise and many elements of Ultimate Team.

However, past Madden trials through EA Play have had a practically complete game with the catch being you'll only have access for 10 hours before being forced to buy the full title to keep playing.

Pre Order Early Access

Another way players can get early access is through pre order. There is a catch though, only pre orders on the Dynasty Edition and MVP Edition are eligible.


If you decide to pre order either the Dynasty Edition or the MVP Edition you can start playing Madden 22 on August 17, 2021.

Release Date

Madden 22 has an official release date of August 20, 2021. The good news is you'll get a look at Madden 22 before that.

Although it was originally expected to take place during E3, the EA Play Live event will take place on July 22.


This will give you an early look at Madden 22 and some of its features.

How to Pre Order Madden 22

For those of you that can't wait to pre order Madden 22, here's how you can get started. First, you'll have to decide on which edition you want to pre order.


Don't forget, Early access is only available on the Dynasty Edition and the MVP Edition.

If you're ready to order now, you can use any of the following links to pre order Madden 22 today:



Best Buy

Microsoft Store


If you want more information on pre orders and what comes with each edition, you can find those details here.

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