Madden 22 New Features on full display this year

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Madden 22 is packed to the brim with new features, especially for players on next gen consoles.

For you next gen console players, we decided to do a "next gen review" during the EA Play Trial, since it was the best time to test the new features.

Now that the game has been out for some time, there's a Title update to help the game run more smoothly. Read on for the new feature details and how to download the latest version.


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UPDATED - Title Update for Madden 22 is here

For those of you that have been struggling with enjoying all the new features due to some of the bugs, we've got great news for you.

EA has released a recent update that will bring a ton of different fixes to the game, along with some aesthetic editions.

They're bringing in some NFL authenticity additions such as new Falcons, Cowboys, Colts, Packers, and Chiefs Throwbacks have been added

  • Chiefs - 1970’s Home and Away
  • Falcons - 1990’s Away, 1970’s Away, 1989 Home and Away
  • Cowboys - 1994 MNF All White Throwback, 1976 Home and Away, 1992 Home and Away
  • Colts - 1960’s Away, 1995 Home and Away
  • Packers - 75th Anniversary Away, 1988 Home and Away

To check out all of the recent changes coming to Madden 22, follow this link!

Next Gen review available NOW!

Players on next gen consoles were excited to find out they'd be getting their own exclusive features this time around in Madden 22.

We had to put these features to the test to check whether or not they were remarkable updates.

The New York Jets in Madden 22
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NEXT GEN: Take the field on the next gen consoles and prepare to be blown away

The EA Play Trial gave us a chance to get a look at some of these features, mainly, Dynamic Gameday. Let's just say you won't be disappointed if you're playing Madden 22 on next gen consoles.

For our entire next gen review over the EA Play Trial, follow this link!

New features: Home Field Advantages


One of the most exciting new features in Madden 22 is Dynamic Gameday, and along with it comes the new unique Home Field Advantage mechanic.

Every single NFL team has been given their own unique Home Field Advantage that can be activated with enough momentum is earned during a home game, and we've outlined every single team's bonus here.


On top of that, now that we've gotten to try some of them out and consider how they'll effect gameplay, we picked our top five Home Field Advantages in Madden 22.

Dynamic Gameday

Gameday Atmosphere is the first part of Dynamic Gameday, and it includes immersive additions with new on-field reactions, player personas, animations, and more.

Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI takes the feature from last year's next gen edition of Madden 21 and goes even deeper by trying to keep the NFL superstars and unique team personalities informed by real world data.

Finally, Gameday Momentum is the real gem of Dynamic Gameday, and it can be felt all across Madden 22.

Madden 22 new features face of the franchise united we rise franchise mode core gameplay
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EXPERIENCE GAMEDAY: The new addition will be next gen exclusive

A new momentum meter mechanic brings an intuitive flow to each game, allowing the gravity of the best and worst moments to affect the game itself.


We were granted access to the Madden 22 Community Playtest (Closed Beta), and you can check out our first impressions of Dynamic Gameday in this in progress review.

Core Gameplay

Core Gameplay is, at the risk of sounding repetitive, the core of everything that makes Madden 22 worthwhile to play.

Flaws in the core gameplay can be felt everywhere in Madden 22, but improvements can also be felt across the board.

This year, one big focus in upgrading core gameplay by EA Sports was improving how player height and weight affects tackling animations on the field.

They've also focused on improving toe detection for dynamic catches at the sidelines and the ability for receivers and defensive players to contest the ball.

Franchise Mode


There's some good news for Franchise fans, as the #FixMaddenFranchise movement was heard by EA Sports and the company has finally started to make some improvements.

Franchise Mode has received a new detailed Staff Management feature that includes an RPG-style talent tree progression system, a new weekly strategy, and a new season engine with unique scenarios to keep Franchise fresh.

You can read more details here about all of the new Franchise Mode features coming to Madden 22.

Ultimate Team

While definitely one of the more popular pieces of Madden, Ultimate Team can also be divisive as many fans don't like the microtransaction fueled game mode.

Madden 22 new features ultimate team
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THE ULTIMATE: You will be able to build a dream team once again

However, Madden 22 brought more updates for players of all natures, including No Money Spent players.


If you'd like to read how to build a great No Money Spent Madden Ultimate Team, head here!

The Yard

This unique backyard inspired game mode was first introduced in Madden 21, and did so to relatively rave reviews.

The Yard returned in Madden 22, and it's they have new locations and bosses this year on top of a new unified progression system that links The Yard and Face of the Franchise.

Face of the Franchise: United We Rise

Face of the Franchise is back this year with a new story dubbed "United We Rise."

This is the first time players get the chance to play as a linebacker, or they can play as a quarterback, wide receiver, or running back like was made available last year.

Madden 22 new features face of the franchise united we rise franchise mode core gameplay
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UNITED WE RISE: Face of the Franchise gets a new story this year

In Madden 22, there is a new Player Class and progression system to choose skills, ratings, attributes, and other customization options for your avatar.

Also, as mentioned above, unified progression will link The Yard and Face of the Franchise to allow you to level up in both connected game modes.

X Factors in full effect for Madden 22


It's late in the game, you need a big play to turn the tide in your favor. You get under center as Tom Brady, leader of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You activate his X Factor and become an on-field general, much like Brady is in real life.

This is the best part about X Factors, it really puts you in the game. By adding more X Factors Madden 22 seems to be adding even more ways for players to feel fully immersed.

For more information on X Factors and what to expect in Madden 22, head here.