Madden 22 aims for a franchise return to Xbox One

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Madden 22 season is in full swing now with the game now available to all players.

Something Xbox One players can look forward to is the resurgence of X Factors. It seems as if they'll play a key role in the gameplay of Madden 22.

Latest news - Madden 22 is LIVE!

Madden 22 is finally in the hands of all players now that the Standard Edition is live, and that means the fun can really begin.

Those that pre ordered the MVP Edition or Dynasty Edition got a head start, but the playing field is finally even.

If you're looking to get your start in Franchise Mode or MUT 22, read on for our guides on what to do day one and beyond.

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X Factors will bounce back in Madden 22

X Factors are a way to completely change the course of a game. With new ratings coming out every day, we'll likely see more X Factors added before launch. This is huge in terms of immersion, getting players even more invested in the game.

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SUPERSTAR: X Factors could determine a win or loss in Madden 22

If you're looking for more information regarding X Factors and the ones already in the game, head here. Be sure to check frequently as more X Factors should be announced in the coming weeks.

Madden 22 Reveal Trailer

It is here! Take a look at what is to come from Madden 22.

Last year's Madden 21 gameplay trailer was also followed a few days later by a dual-trailer with FIFA 21 at EA Play Live that specifically hyped the launch of those two titles on next-gen consoles.

While they did each eventually hit PS5 and Xbox Series X, the next-gen releases came in December, roughly a month after those next-gen consoles launched.

Release Date on Xbox One

The official release date for Madden 22 is Friday, 20 August, but you could have got the game on Tuesday, 17 August if you pre-ordered the MVP Edition.

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RUN FOR RELEASE: The path is set to see Madden 22 later this year

Last year we saw Madden 21 come out in stages with an Xbox One and PS4 launch followed a few months later by next-gen, but this year Madden 22 should hit all platforms simultaneously.

Madden 22 Xbox One Price

For current-gen gamers, the price for the Standard Edition of Madden 22 is $59.99. Of course, with the MVP Edition and Dynasty Edition that price jumps to $99.99 and $119.99.

Players on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will see a jump in the Standard Edition price to $69.99

The extra cost on next-gen will come with some next-gen exclusive upgrades and features, however, that current-gen players won't get to enjoy.

Current Gen Gameplay

There is plenty of excitement about how Madden 22 will look on next-gen now that EA Sports will have had a full development cycle and this won't be the first next-gen foray, but the current-gen can't be ignored.

Madden 22 for Xbox One Reveal Trailer Release Date Current Gen
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HAND OFF: Next gen won't take the ball entirely just yet

With Xbox One still having a player base massively larger than Xbox Series X|S, it would be foolish for developers to neglect the current-gen version of Madden 22.

The new improvements may show to their fullest extent on next-gen, but major changes to core gameplay as well as new additions to Franchise Mode and elsewhere should still be a nice boost for Madden 22 on Xbox One.

EA Play Trial expected for Madden 22

With not much time between now and the Madden 22 release date, most fans are already looking forward to the likely EA Play Trial the title will have.

Madden 22 Xbox Series X Series X Trial Release Date EA Play
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TEST DRIVE: Players should get a chance to try before they buy

Instead of a traditional demo, it's become the new standard for EA Sports to offer a 10-hour gameplay trial to EA Play subscribers, and we may see that again this year.

The trial would likely land a week before launch, and it would give players a chance to really test out and feel Madden 22 for themselves before they make the leap and purchase the full game.

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