Madden 22 still looking to PS4 for support

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Madden 22 is out now for all players!

With the game now fully released, we have all the details and a review to boot.

For that and more on what Madden 22 will be like on PS4, keep on reading!

LATEST - Madden 22 is LIVE!

Madden 22 is finally in the hands of all players now that the Standard Edition is live, and that means the fun can really begin.

Those that pre ordered the MVP Edition or Dynasty Edition got a head start, but the playing field is finally even.

If you're looking to get your start in Franchise Mode or MUT 22, read on for our guides on what to do day one and beyond.

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Release Date on PS4

Madden 22 was officially released on Friday, 20 August.

Madden 22 PS4 Release Date Price
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This lined right up with previous years, and players were also be able to snag Early Access as soon as Tuesday, 17 August if they pre ordered the MVP or Dynasty Edition.

Madden 22 Reveal Trailer

It is here! Take a look at what is to come from Madden 22.

Last year's Madden 21 gameplay trailer was also followed a few days later by a dual-trailer with FIFA 21 at EA Play Live that specifically hyped the launch of those two titles on next-gen consoles.

While they did each eventually hit PS5 and Xbox Series X, the next-gen releases came in December, roughly a month after those next-gen consoles launched.

Madden 22 PS4 Price & Pre Order

If you're still on current gen and hoping to get Madden 22 on PS4, the good news is that you won't have to shell out quite as much.

While next gen versions of sports titles like Madden 21 have made the leap to a $70 base price, current gen versions have stayed at the $60 price point of the past several years.

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This is no different this year, and you can put in your Madden 22 pre order at the links below now:


Best Buy

Microsoft Store

Current Gen Gameplay

We've only seen a few glimpses so far of what the gameplay will look like in Madden 22, and all of them have been next gen.

With deeper looks focusing most on Dynamic Gameday, we don't really know yet how the gameplay will appear on current gen consoles.

Hopefully, a current gen look will arrive at EA Play Live or before so PS4 users can know what they'll be playing.

EA Play Live 2021

The latest news from EA Play Live was the updates made to the Franchise Mode of Madden 22. With new updates to scouting, players will have even more options to immerse themselves in the popular game mode.

With major details like the cover athlete and trailer already released, we can hopefully get a closer look at upgrades coming to Franchise and Core Gameplay when the title is released.

If you're excited to see how Franchise will look this year, check out the latest here on upgrades coming to Madden 22.

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