Every single team's Home Field Advantage in Madden 22

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Madden 22 is just a day away, and one of it's best new features is the new home field advantage system which brings home stadiums to life.

Here's every Madden 22 Home Field Advantage (M-Factor), as well as other new features in the game this year.

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Madden 22 brings a lot of its biggest new features to next gen - and it shows in the gameplay experience.

Read over our full Madden 22 next gen review in progress here, and you can try the game during early access yourself by preordering either the MVP or Dynasty editions!

Every Home Field Advantage (M-Factor) in Madden 22

Each team's stadium provides their own unique home field advantage in Madden 22, but there are also secondary momentum boosts that can be gained.

Those secondary boosts can change from game to game, and we've detailed the ones we know about below under Gameday Factors.

First, we'll take a look at each team's M-Factor or home field advantage in Madden 22.

Chicago Bears - Bear Down: Away Team's kick meter moves faster on the downswing

Cincinnati Bengals - Who Dey: No Huddle results in reduced clock runoff

Buffalo Bills - Downwind: Away Team kicking arc is harder to control

Denver Broncos - Mile High: Away Team players have less stamina during plays

Cleveland Browns - Dawg Pound: Away Team hot routes have a chance to fail in the red zone

Madden 22 home field advantage dynamic gameday momentum next gen factors m-factor
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DAWG POUND: You can see the hot route distortion of the Browns here

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Fire The Cannons: Home Team players have their fatigue temporarily replenished while in the red zone

Arizona Cardinals - Rise Up Red Sea: Home Team gains momentum faster

Los Angeles Chargers - Bolt Up: Home Team gains bonus momentum for yardage gains

Kansas City Chiefs - Home of The Chiefs: Offensive audibles made by the away team have a chance to fail

Indianpolis Colts - Hat Count: The Home Team defense can see the hat count on all plays via coach cam

Dallas Cowboys - Deflected: Away Team punt distance is shortened when kicking across the 50 yard line

Miami Dolphins - Made in the Shade: Home Team fatigues slower

Philadelphia Eagles - Linc'd In: While winning, momentum gains are increased for the Home Team and decreased for the Away Team

New York Giants - Turf War: Away Team players fatigue faster

Atlanta Falcons - Rise Up: Home Team gains a flat amount of bonus momentum on every offensive play

San Francisco 49ers - Unstable Ground: Away Team has an increasingly hard time changing directions

Washington Football Team - Unstable Ground: Away Team has an increasingly hard time changing directions

Jacksonville Jaguars - Duuuval: Home Team gains bonus momentum on touchdowns

New York Jets - Turf War: Away Team players fatigue faster

Detroit Lions - Motor City: Home Team accelerates slightly faster

Green Bay Packers - Go Pack Go!: Home Team gains more momentum and Away Team gains less

As a note, a reveal of home field advantages that EA had a content creator do also included The Frozen Tundra as a Packers home field advantage where the Away Team fatigues faster and has a harder time changing direction, but it was not clear from the video or the beta whether The Frozen Tundra activates simultaneously with Go Pack Go!.

Carolina Panthers - Keep Pounding: Home Team has more stamina during plays

New England Patriots - Our House: Home Team gains bonus momentum on touchdowns and third down stops

Las Vegas Raiders - Just Win, Baby!: Home Team gains momentum faster and has increased fatigue recovery while winning

Los Angeles Rams - Rams House: Home Team gains bonus momentum for defensive stops

Baltimore Ravens - Truzz the System: Home Team gains bonus momentum on every running play while winning

New Orleans Saints - Who Dat: Away Team receivers can mistakenly get incorrect routes on 3rd and 4th downs

Seattle Seahawks - The 12's: Away Team has distorted play art on 3rd and 4th down

Madden 22 home field advantage dynamic gameday momentum next gen factors m-factor
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12TH MAN: You can see the distorted play art mechanic of the Seahawks above

Pittsburgh Steelers - Terribly Distracting: Away Team hot routes have a chance to fail on 3rd and 4th down

Houston Texans - The Bullpen: Away Team gains less momentum for touchdowns

Tennessee Titans - Titan Up: Home Team will avoid committing holding penalties

Minnesota Vikings - Skol!: Home Team gains a small amount of speed rating when in the red zone

Again, there is a small chance some of these could be altered by the final release of Madden 22, but this is what they've been either in the beta or as revealed by EA Sports.

Top 5 Home Field Advantages

After getting to try some out with the Madden 22 beta, which we've delivered a review for based on our first impressions, we've pinpointed some of the top Home Field Advantages coming this year.

While none of them feel completely useless, there are definitely a few which stand out from the pack and could be gamechangers in crucial moments.

Check out our rankings here to see if your favorite team's stadium bonus could be one of the most beneficial to gameplay when Madden 22 is released.

Other Momentum Factors

While using Gameday Momentum and building up your meter at home will first allow teams to activate their home field advantage, there are also other M-Factors at play.

While we're not certain yet, these appear to change game to game, as the ones shown in footage shared in the Dynamic Gameday Deep Dive differed from what we saw for the Seahawks in the beta.

Madden 22 home field advantage dynamic gameday momentum next gen factors m-factor
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MOMENTUM LEGEND: You can see the secondary and tertiary boosts here

Normally these show on-screen with "Home Team" or "Away Team" in the description depending on which team has earned the advantage, but we've replaced that with "User Team" or "Opposing Team" here to prevent any confusion.

Analysis Paralysis: Opposing Team QB periodically has trouble seeing receivers

Checked Out: Opposing Team QB has trouble seeing non-checkdown receivers

Crossed Wires: Opposing Team receivers can receive incorrect hot routes

Like A Book: User Team Defense can see the primary receiver's route via coach cam

Heating Up: User Team players enter The Zone easier

Hold The Line: User Team has improved blocking

Hot Hands: User Team has improved catching

Hotter Routes: User Team can hot route faster

Instinct: Opposing Team has their pass target highlighted

Lockdown: User Team has improved coverage

Nerves: Some of the Opposing Team's receiver icons are hidden in preplay

Prediction Problems: Hides the ball spot indicator for the Opposing Team

Rattled O-Line: Opposing Team has trouble blocking

Runner's High: User Team has infinite stamina during plays

Scatterbrained: Opposing Team offensive play art can be incorrect

Scenic Route: Primary Receiver's play art is distorted for the Opposing Team

Shook: Offensive play art is distorted for the Opposing Team

Tunnel Vision: Some of the Opposing Team's receiver icons are hidden during play

Zoned In: User Team players participating in Touchdowns or Takeaways enter The Zone

Zoned Out: Opposing Team players cannot enter The Zone

We'll add more details if we learn of more of these between now and launch or when the title is released, and again some of these could change as this info is from the unfinished beta.

Gameday Factors in Madden 22

Finally, we have Gameday Factors which we know a lot less about so far, but these tend to vary from game to game based on several variables and were showcased in one content creator's reveal of the home field advantages.

Madden 22 home field advantage dynamic gameday momentum next gen factors m-factor
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GAMEDAY FACTORS: These effects can change from game to game

These were difficult to spot in the beta, but we did notice Dig Deep listed above the play selection screen during one game.

Calm: The kicking meter moves slower

Dig Deep: Players run slightly faster than normal

Inclement Kicking: The kicking arc is severely shortened

Rivalry: Momentum gains and losses are increased

Slippery When Wet: Players change direction slightly slower than normal


We'll add more details about Gameday Factors as they're learned between now and launch or when Madden 22 is finally released.

What X Factors mean for Madden 22

Along with features like Home Field Advantage, X Factors bring more depth to a game already full of fun. It's more immersion for players that are really looking to play this game long term.

Honestly, with X Factors affecting the game more, we can't wait to see how the tides of the game can turn in an instant. Here's some cool X Factors we got to see:

  • Patrick Mahomes: Bazooka (Max throwing distance increased)
  • Russell Wilson: Blitz Radar (Highlights extra blitzers)
  • Lamar Jackson: Truzz (Can't fumble as a result of a tackle)

Head here for more information on X Factors and how they'll affect the game in Madden 22.

Madden 22 brings stadiums alive with Gameday Momentum

Dynamic Gameday is an all new feature for Madden 22, and this next-gen exclusive addition makes the stadium and fans become part of the game like never before.

Unfortunately, these being specific to next gen means that only PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players will get them, and players on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia won't.

Dynamic Gameday has three components, which are Gameday Momentum, Gameday Atmosphere, and Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI.

Atmosphere will affect Gameday Factors, which are unique boosts that can change game to game based on weather, time of year, and other variables.

Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI builds upon the introduction of Next Gen Stats last year by using the ways players and teams perform in real-world NFL games to inform how they'll play in Madden 22.

Finally there's Gameday Momentum, which is what gives each team a home field advantage, as boosting your momentum by playing well will give access to your individual M-Factor or Momentum Factor.

It's important to note that some of what we've gathered here is from the unfinished Madden 22 beta and could change, but most of it is likely to remain the same when the finished version is released.

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